Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Date 23 July - 08 August 2021

Tokyo, Japan

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Disciplines Jumping, Dressage, Eventing

Timetable -  Updated 8 October 2020

Important change of Cross Country Requirements Equestrian Eventing Cross Country Update 19 December 2019

Important reminder about Olympic Qualifying Competitions taking place in 2020.

Further to the FEI Board decisions communicated to all FEI stakeholders on 20 May 2020 in regard to adjustment of the MER procedure for the Olympic Games for 2020 due to the COVID19 situation, National Federations are reminded that they are responsible for checking on each Event schedule approved by the FEI whether the relevant competition has the status of an OG qualifier when entering Athlete/Horse combinations in FEI Events taking place between 1 January 2020 and 31 December 2020. The final list of 2020 events/competitions which have been confirmed to count for MERs have been published in December 2020.

The list of 2021 Qualifying Competitions have been published on 17 December 2020.

For Jumping only: In addition, for Jumping only, as the standard of the course is approved afterwards, the list of Competitions confirmed as Olympic Qualifier have been published below and updated on a monthly basis.


Qualification System - Updated 20 May 2020

Qualification Events 2019 - Updated 9 January 2020

Qualification Events 2020 - Updated 15 January 2021

Qualification Events 2021 - Updated 01.02.2021

FEI Olympic Group C - List of participants per event - 3 March 2019


Qualification System - Updated 20 May 2020

Qualification Events 2019-2020 -  Updated 14.12.2020

Qualification Events 2021 - Updated 24.02.2021


Qualification System - Updated 20 May 2020

Additional information / FEI Update sent on 12 February 2019 

Qualification Events 2021 - Updated 17.02.2021

FEI Olympic Group Qualification Events 

Allocation Procedure - 15 August 2018
NOC/NF Certificate of Capability Template to be sent to the FEI by 31 december 2019
Qualification events guidelines for Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Guidelines (IOC) - 22 August 2019
Rules for Tokyo 2020

FEI Regulations for Equestrian Events at the Olympic Games - clean version

FEI Regulations for Equestrian Events at the Olympic Games - mark-up version

7 December 2018, updated 29 June 2020

Rules and Point System for FEI Olympic Athletes

Jumping Olympic Ranking Rules - 12 December 2018

Dressage Olympic Ranking Rules - 12 December 2018, updated 25 January 2019

Eventing Olympic Ranking Rules - 12 December 2018, updated 14 November 2019

Olympic Rankings Jumping / Dressage / Eventing Click here
Other reference documents

Jumping Nations Cup Ranking Point System - updated 29 June 2020

For the establishement of the starting order in the Olympic first Jumping Competition, taking into account results obtained between 1 July 2019 and 30 June 2021.

Dressage Music for the FEI Grand Prix Freestyle test Guidelines published 5 December 2019 (also included in the FEI regulations for Equestrian Events at Olympic Games)
For all disciplines Officials appointment 26.01.2021

IOC and IPC Playbook - 02 February 2021

The Playbooks are the basis of a collective game plan to ensure that all Olympic and Paralympic Games participants and the people of Tokyo and Japan are safe and healthy this summer. They outline the responsibilities of all Games participants and the rules that must be followed – starting 14 days before travel as well as entry to Japan, throughout the Games, and departing. There are dedicated playbooks for each of the stakeholder groups and are based on the extensive work of the All Partners Task Force, which also includes the World Health Organization, Government of Japan, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, independent experts and organisations from across the world.

Accreditations at the Olympic Games - 04 June 2019
IOC Anti-Doping Rules applicable to the Games of the XXXII Olympiad Tokyo 2020 - 12 July 2019  

IOC Rule 50 applicable to the Games of the XXXII Olympiad Tokyo 2020 - Specific to the Equestrian Sport - published on 12 July 2019 

IOC Rule 50 applicable to the Games of the XXXII Olympiad Tokyo 2020 - Generic document to all Sports - published on 7 January 2021

(comparison table highlighting the latest modifications to the Generic Guidelines (Face masks, face shields and addition of reference to competition clothing for Equestrian victory ceremonies - published on 7 January 2021)

Road to Tokyo 2020 Newsletters (the FEI will keep you informed on a regular basis about everything important taking place between now and the start of the Games)

Information to apply for licenses permitting use of radio equipment (handheld radios, wireless training communication devices, wireless CCTV systems etc) – click here


Tax Guide - Tokyo 2020
KER Tokyo Nutrition Services: there will be two types (1st and 2nd cutting) of timothy hay available from JRA Facilities at the Tokyo Equestrian venue for the Olympics and Paralympics. KER would like to provide as much information as possible about these hays so everyone that wants to use the hay knows exactly what will be available in Tokyo.Each NF has been contacted to complete the short survey.
Tokyo 2020 Equine Freight Manual - published on 6 February 2020  / Peden Bloodstock Equine Shipping Memo published on 23 July 2020
Tokyo 2020 Customs & Freight Forwarding Guide - updated 08.02.2021
Tokyo 2020 ATA Carnet Extension - published on 15 May 2020
Tokyo 2020 Duty Exemption Extension - published on 23 July 2020

Tokyo Olympic Games Interim Report from 3rd party council of Covid Countermeasures - published on 7 January 2021

Please note that this is an interim report which will be updated as the situation evolves. IFs and NOCs are liaising with the IOC and the Toyko Olympic Games Organising Committee.

Tokyo 12-14 August 2019 Test Event Information   29 March 2019 updated 12 July 2019
Entry Form / Entry Form Guide 25 April 2019 
Feeds and Bedding List 25 April 2019 updated 12 July 2019
Feeds and Bedding Order Form 25 April 2019 updated 12 July 2019
Test Event NOC/NPC Observers Programme

Programme (Tokyo 2020)

Sessions Presentation (Tokyo 2020) - 21 August 2019
READY STEADY TOKYO – Equestrian (Eventing) and Hockey Accreditation Manual Click here (published 21 June 2019)
Test Event CCI3*-S List of entries Click here (published 24 July 2019)
Test Event Follow-up report Click here (published on 18 November 2019)