Paris 2024 Olympic Games

Venue Information

Dates 26 July - 11 August 2024


Paris (FRA)

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Disciplines Jumping, Dressage, Eventing
Competition Schedule Schedule - 09 November 2022
Equestrian Qualification Systems for the Paris2024 Olympic Games

You will find below the Equestrian Qualification systems for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games as approved at FEI Hybrid General Assembly 2021 on 17 November 2021 and by the IOC Executive Board on 30 March 2022.

Jumping Qualification System updated 02 October 2022
Dressage Qualification System updated 09 August 2022
Eventing Qualification System updated 21 November 2022

As explained at the FEI Hybrid General Assembly 2021 and the FEI Sports Forum 2022, the Minimum Eligibility Requirements for the 3 disciplines and the reallocation procedures for each discipline will be put forward for approval at the FEI General Assembly 2022 in Capetown on 13 November 2022. The draft proposals will be circulated on 6 July 2022 (as part of the rules revision process).

Rules for Paris 2024 FEI Regulations for Equestrian Events at the Olympic Games - published 23.11.22
Rules and Point System for FEI Olympic Athletes

Jumping - published 21.11.22

Dressage - published 17.11.22

Eventing - published 29.11.22