FEI History

Equestrian sport has a rich and diverse history, dating as far back as the ancient Olympic Games when chariot racing was one of the main spectacles as of 680 BC to the inclusion of Jumping, Dressage and Eventing in 1912 following the revival of the modern Olympic Games in 1896. As you will see in the timeline below, the inclusion of equestrian sport in the Olympic Games then led to the creation of the FEI in 1921, as the necessity to have internationally approved rules and qualification systems was essential to the integrity of the competition.  

More than 100 years have passed since the FEI was created to oversee the Olympic disciplines of Jumping, Dressage and Eventing with just 8 member signatories. Today, alongside the Olympic disciplines, the FEI also governs the non-Olympic disciplines of Driving, Endurance and Vaulting as well as the Para Equestrian disciplines of Dressage and Driving and has 136 member National Federations.