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Endurance Temporary Committee holds third in-person meeting

22 Feb 2019

The Endurance Temporary Committee held its third in-person meeting at FEI Headquarters today following yesterday’s meetings with stakeholders. Stéphane Chazel (FRA), member of the elected FEI Endurance Technical Committee, currently unable to...

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Endurance Temporary Committee meets with stakeholders at FEI HQ

21 Feb 2019

The Endurance Temporary Committee, set up by the FEI Board in October 2018 to review the discipline with the remit of bringing the sport back to its original roots of Endurance riding rather than Endurance racing, has met with a total of 26...

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18 Apr 2019
FEI Sportsforum 2019

Dear FEI Endurance community,

Please find below the recap of all the Endurance sessions held at the FEI Spors Forum in Lausanne on 15-16 April 2019.

Qualification of Horses and Athletes: reducing welfare risks

Educating Officials and correct application of the rules

Improvements and innovations to reshape Endurance

Open Q&A and wrap-up by FEI Secretary General

7 Feb 2019
4th International Endurance Conference

Dear Endurance community,

The 4th International Endurance Conference will be held in Boudheib during the HH Sh Sultan b Zayed Al Nahyan 13th International Endurance Festival on 13 February 2019, and will cover the "Relation between Horse and the Rider, the Humanitarian side".


Schedule :

Subject of the Conference
1. Relation Between the Ride and the Horse- the Humane Aspect
2. Subject of the Workshop :
• Positive and Negative Affect of Rides Schedule on
• Horse Trainers Assignments During the Season

Conference Programme
1. Mr. Aziz Shaikh Yassin International Jury -India
2. Mr. Christian Lozano International Jury -France
1. Dr. Jean Louis Leclerc International Vererinarian-France
2. Dr. Hallvard Sommerseth International Veterinarian-Sweden
3. Dr. Rouls H. Shaaban International Veterinarian -UAE
4. Dr. David John Mary Horse Races Researcher- UK
Conference Manager
1. Mohammad Ali Al Hadrami International Jury India

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