FEI Values

OUR VISION // To grow the unique and mutually beneficial bond between horse and human in sport globally.


OUR MISSION // To drive and develop equestrian sport globally in a modern, sustainable and structured manner with guaranteed integrity, athlete welfare, equal opportunity and a fair and ethical partnership with the horse.   


As a non-profit organisation and a governing body, we are passionate about every facet of our sport. We celebrate the unique bond between our athletes (#TwoHearts) and re-distribute revenues with OUR VALUES at the very heart of our endeavours:

♦  Horse First: The welfare of the horse is our top priority
♦  Perform as one: A unique sporting partnership built on mutual trust and respect
♦  Fair and equal: A universal and level playing field for men and women of all ages to compete together in a safe environment from grassroots to the world stage
♦  For today and tomorrow: Meeting the needs of today without compromising tomorrow

These values are reflected in OUR STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES (as per the Presidential Programme) and symbolise our commitment to the unique attributes of the equestrian world and our responsibility to nurture and encourage best practice and good horsemanship at all times and all over the world.