Eventing Dressage Tests

CCIP1 - for Pony
CCI One Star (*)
CCI Two Star (**) - Test A
CCI Two Star (**) - Test B (applies for Pony Championships / CCIP2)
CCI Three Star (***) - Test A
CCI Three Star (***) - Test B
CCI Four Star (****) - Test A
CCI Four Star (****) - Test B
CCI Five Star (*****) - Test A
CCI Five Star (*****) - Test B

Olympic Games: new OG Short Test

(updated with Harmony marks on 22 October 2019)

As per FEI Update dated 10 December 2021, the Eventing Dressage Tests for CCI1*, CCI5*A and CCI5*B have been slightly amended. 

Track changes versions are available upon request.