IT Documentation

On this page you will find all IT Technical Documents which could be useful for you as an FEI Stakeholder. 


FEI Suggestion Platform

The suggestion platform has been put in place to facilitate the correction of mistakes or omissions existing in the content of our database.

The platform allows authenticated people from our equestrian community to suggest corrections, modifications or additional data via the FEI Suggestion platform, in order to improve the quality of data present on the FEI Database in relation to your athletes and horses.

NF Members, OC Members, Athletes, Grooms, Officials, Owners and Trainers with an active FEI ID account can all make suggestions on both horse and athlete information via the FEI Entry System, the FEI Database and FEI Biographies.

National Federations will need to verify and validate the suggestions as well as the FEI in certain cases.

Here you will find FEI Guidelines on how to use the FEI Suggestion Platform.


Information available via Clear URL's

A lot of information available on the FEI Database can also be accessible through clear (not encrypted) URL’s.

  • Calendar
  • Schedule
  • Results
  • Athletes
  • Horses

This allows the creation of hyperlinks referring to a specific page with one or more predefined criteria.

The complete documentation relating to the Clear URL can be consulted here.


Approved Schedule available online
A new function is now available on The schedules of all events are now uploaded by the FEI once they are approved and can be found within the FEI Calendar.


FEI Web Services

The complete documentation on the FEI Web Services is password protected and only accessible if you are a National Federation Member or an Organising Committee Member and have the required FEI access. 

Should you have such access, once logged, you will find below the direct link to the FEI Web Services Documentation.

Should you not have such access, but need one, please contact us at :