Web Services

What is a Web Service?

A Web Service is a software system designed to support interoperable machine to machine interaction over the Internet network, thereby providing a simple solution for two or more information systems to interact.

In addition, Web Services are an easy tool to avoid doing things repeatedly – for both the national system & on the FEI system – as a link between both systems is set up.

What do the FEI Web Services provide?

The FEI Web Services provide the opportunity to get relevant information directly on the FEI Database. 

  • Organising Committees can consult and upload data in the FEI Database for Horse, Person, Calendar and Result. For example:
    • Retrieve all records of an event by using the show code
    • Search a competitor and obtain all his detailed information
    • Get the horses associated to a given competitor 
  • National Federations can consult, retrieve, modify, and upload data in the FEI Database for Horse, Person, Calendar and Result. For example:
    • Horses & Athletes registrations
    • As an example, certain Federations use the Web Services for horse & athlete registrations. Meaning the annual registration is done in their national system and the information is directly sent to the FEI Datbase and displayed online. No additional work is needed to amend the FEI Database.
    • Retrieve results : NFs can use Web Services to retrieve results after competitions. Meaning that once the results are processed within the FEI, they can be retrieved by the NF and displayed on each national record of the athlete and horse.
    • FEI Entry System : NFs can use Web Services to automatically send their entries made on their national System.

How to use the FEI Web Services?

To help you during the testing phase, please consult the Technical Documentation Library for National Federations or Organising Commettee below where :

  • you will find some example files in PHP and .NET format and

  • thorough documentation regarding the use and tools required for the Web Services

Feel free to read through this technical documentation and test the Web Services.

This documentation is password protected and only accessible if you are a National Federation Member or an Organising Committee Member and have the required FEI access. 

Should you have such access, once logged, you will find below the direct link to the FEI Web Services Documentation.

Should you not have such access, but need one, please contact us at : usersupport@fei.org