IT Platforms

The FEI Database contains sport data: horse data and registration, athletes data and registration, FEI Calendar, results, officials, officials assignements, world rankings, National Federation data and statistics (NF members, number of events, officials, Athletes, horses).

The FEI Database is updated in real time.

The FEI Online Invitation System is a platform which will guarantee the correct application of the Jumping CSI Invitation Rules and facilitate the process for all Stakeholders involved.

The FEI Entry System is a key process that involves all event stakeholders: National Federations, Organising Committees as well as the FEI. This service which is aimed at National Federations and OC's has been available for Jumping Events since 1 July 2013.

On the HOW TO platform you will find answers to your questions, step-by-step guidelines to assist you in the use of our various FEI IT platforms and mobile applications, as well as other useful information. 

FEI FAN is the main FEI Website. It provides general public information about the equestrian sports, including the FEI Calendar, horses and athletes sport data.

The FEI HISTORY platform contains information and pictures of the past Olympic Games and World Equestrian Games.

FEI Campus is a free of charge and cutting-edge e-learning platform in the sports world and is set to become the virtual reference point for education within the FEI and the equestrian world for education around our partner and fellow athlete, the horse. 

FEI BIOGRAPHIES displays biographical information for athletes, as well as sport data (results, major results, rankings, horses).

FEI FORMS provides online forms to the FEI Officials to report after attending the Shows in which they have been assigned (Foreign Judge Report, Chief Steward Report, Account Executive Report, Course Designer Report, Endurance Show Report, Veterinary Report, Testing Veterinarian Report) and also to provide the competition results.