IT Providers

Certification of Data Handling and Results Providers

The FEI has set up a standard procedure to certify systems and IT providers dealing with timing, scoring and data handling at FEI Events.

This procedure can be applied to :

-  A Company* (If your company is using a software you do not need to follow this approval procedure)

-  A Software**

Being certified by the FEI can assist and promote IT providers who work with international equestrian events.

Organising Committees who use a FEI Certified Service Provider will be guaranteed to fulfill all FEI specifications, in regards to managing data and entries for the submission of FEI results.

The names of the certified software and IT providers will be published on the FEI website for National Federations and Organising Committees to consult, which will assist them with the organisation of their Events.

The list of IT providers and software will also be available in each discipline section on the FEI website and will be updated each year.

What are the benefits

  • Use of the official name "FEI Certified Service Provider"
  • Promotion of certified providers/software
  • Lists of certified IT providers and software published on the FEI website
  • Easy way for Organising Committees to find a partner to work with
  • Organising Committees are guaranteed to have data handled correctly
  • Providing Organising Committees with software capable of handling big Events with numerous competitions and various criteria
  • FEI results submitted correctly and on time

How to become certified

You must fulfill the FEI standard requirements to become a FEI Certified Service Provider. You will find the requirements by discipline at the bottom of the page.

If you meet all the requirements needed, you can send your application by filling out the relevant application form that you can find at the bottom of the page.

The certification test can be done either online - by a video conference, or on site - at the FEI Headquarters.

If you are successful, you will then become a FEI Certified Service Provider.

Costs and renewal

The certification procedure to become a FEI Certified Service Provider costs CHF 500 per discipline. This covers the administrations fees of the certification. This must be paid at the same time as you submit your application, proof of payment must be sent by email to for your application to be valid.

If you are unsuccessful, you will be able to re-apply once more within twelve months following your first certification test and it will cost CHF 250.

The certification lasts 12 months - after 12 months you will need to renew this certification. This yearly renewal costs CHF 200 per discipline.

Please click here to request the payment details.


The specifications by discipline

Jumping Dressage Para Dressage Eventing
Driving Endurance Vaulting


Discipline specific additional Certifications



* A company:

A company who run and/or operate a system/software that they have developed or for which they have used subcontractor(s) for the development.

Such system/software is run only by this company, the system is not sold as a product on the market. Your company is the only one to use your own system.

 ** A Software:

A software that has been developed to be sold as a product on the market for the management of the entries, starts list and results. This approved software could be sold as a product on the market.