Standing Committees

The FEI decision-making process is guided by expertise and knowledge from the sport and members of the sporting industry with subject-specific Committees representing all the Disciplines, the Athletes, Veterinary science, Administration (Audit & Compliance and Nominations) as well as FEI Solidarity.

The composition of each FEI Committee is displayed/linked to below. A link to the CV of each member is attached to her/his name.

FEI Tribunal & FEI Standing & Technical Committees 2023
FEI Tribunal The composition of FEI Tribunal can be consulted here
Audit & Compliance The composition of the Audit & Compliance Committee can be consulted here
Nominations The composition of the Nominations Committee can be consulted here
Chair: Ms Jessica KÜRTEN (IRL)
Term: 2022-2026
  FEI Athlete Representatives     Disciplines  Terms
  Ms Yvonne Sylvia LOSOS DE MUÑIZ (DOM)     Dressage 2022-2026
  Mr Rodrigo Pessoa (BRA)     Jumping 2022-2026
  Ms Bettina HOY (GER)     Eventing 2022-2026
  Mr Franz Schiltz (LUX)     Driving 2022-2026
  Ms Sabrina ARNOLD (GER)     Endurance 2022-2026
  Mr Lambert LECLEZIO (FRA)     Vaulting 2022-2026
FEI Solidarity
Chair: Mr Ingmar DE VOS (BEL)
FEI President

Term: 2014-2026
    EEF Group  
  Members     Reg. Groups Terms
  Ms Marjukka MANNINEN (FIN)     EEF Group 2022-2023
  Mr Sadyr MAMYTOV (KGZ)     Group III 2022-2023
  Ms Catherine RAMSINGH-PIERRE (BAH)     Group IV 2022-2023
  Mr Juan Manuel MELGAR BARDALES (GUA)     Group V 2022-2023
  Mr Luis Miguel SORIA CESPEDES (CHI)     Group VI 2022-2023
  Mr Badr bin Mohamed AL-DARWISH (QAT)     Group VII 2022-2023
  Ms Mikaela COJUANGCO JAWORSKI (PHI)     Group VIII 2022-2023
  Ms Mary BINKS (KEN)     Group IX 2022-2023
Chair: Drs Jenny HALL (GBR)
Term: 2018-2026
Deputy Chair: Dr Marc KOENE (GER)
Term: 2019-2023
  Members   Terms
  Dr Sheelagh HIGGERTY (RSA)   2021-2023
  Dr Anne COUROUCÉ (FRA)   2021-2025
  Dr Carlos PONFERRADA (ESP)   2021-2025
  Dr Lars ROEPSTORFF (SWE)   2022-2026
  Dr Mark SINNOTT (GBR)   2022-2026
Chair: Ms Maribel ALONSO (MEX)
Term: 2021-2025
Deputy Chair: Ms Monica THEODORESCU (GER)
Term: 2020-2024
  Members    Terms
  Mr Patrik KITTEL (SWE) 2019-2023
  Mr Peter STORR (GBR)   2021-2025
  Mr Frederico PINTEUS (POR)   2022-2026
  Ms Yvonne Sylvia LOSOS DE MUÑIZ (DOM)  - Athletes' Rep.   2022-2026
Jumping Chair: Mr Stephan ELLENBRUCH (GER)
Term: 2021-2025
Deputy Chair: Mr Henrik ANKARCRONA (SWE)
Term: 2021-2025
  Members   Terms
  Ms Diane BAXTER (RSA)   2020-2024
  Mr Louis KONICKX (NED)   2021-2025
  Mr Michael Stone (USA)   2022-2026
  Mr Rodrigo Pessoa (BRA) - Athletes' Representative   2022-2026
Chair: Mr David O'CONNOR (USA)
Term: 2021-2025
Deputy Chair: Mr Alec Lochore (GBR)
Term: 2021-2025
  Members   Terms
  Mr Pierre LE GOUPIL (FRA)  2020-2024
  Mr Andrew BENNIE (NZL) 2019-2023
  Mr Neil MCKENZIE-HALL (NZL) 2022-2026
  Ms Bettina HOY (GER) - Athletes' Representative 2022-2026
Chair: Mr Károly FUGLI (HUN)
Term: 2019-2023
Deputy Chair: Ms Heather BRIGGS (USA)
Term: 2021-2025
  Members   Terms
  Mr Benjamin AILLAUD (FRA) 2020-2024
  Mr Jeroen HOUTERMAN (NED) 2019-2023
  Mr Joaquin Medina (ESP)   2022-2026
  Mr Franz Schiltz (LUX) - Athletes' Representative   2022-2026
Chair: Mr Christian LOZANO (FRA)
Term: 2020-2024
Deputy Chair: Ms Sarah COOMBS (GBR)
Term: 2020-2024
  Members   Terms
  Mr Daniel FENAUX (ESP) 2020-2024
  Ms Sharon DU PLESSIS (BOT) 2020-2024
  Ms Elizabeth VAN SCHELLE (BRA) 2020-2024
  Ms Sabrina ARNOLD (GER) - Athletes' Representative 2022-2026
Chair. Ms Pavla KRAUSPE (SVK)
Term: 2020-2024
Deputy Chair: Mr Dietmar OTTO (GER)
Term: 2020-2024
  Members   Terms
  Ms Isabelle PARKER (USA) 2019-2023
  Ms Anna ANDERSSON (SWE) 2022-2026
  Ms Lise BERG (DEN) 2022-2026
  Mr Lambert LECLEZIO (FRA) - Athletes' Representative 2022-2026
Para Equestrian
Chair: Mrs Amanda BOND (HKG)
Term: 2012-2024
Term: 2019-2023
  Members   Terms
  Ms Joyce VAN ROOIJEN-HEUITINK (NED)   2020-2024
  Ms Sue CUNNINGHAM (AUS)   2021-2025
  Mr Rodolpho RISKALLA (BRA)   2022-2026
  Ms Erin ORFORD (GBR) - Athletes' Representative   2022-2026
Chair: Dr Mark HART (USA)
Term: 2019-2023
Term: 2019 - 2025
  Members   Terms
  Dr Anna-Louise MACKINNON (GBR)   2019-2023
  Dr Linsey MASON (IRL)   2022-2026