Standing Committees

The FEI decision-making process is guided by expertise and knowledge from the sport and members of the sporting industry with subject-specific Committees representing all the disciplines, the athletes, veterinary science, administration (audit and compliance and nominations) as well as FEI Solidarity.

The composition of each FEI Committee is displayed below. A link to the CV of each member is attached to her/his name.

FEI Tribunal & FEI Standing & Technical Committees 2020
FEI Tribunal Chair: José Alfonso RODRIGUEZ (MEX)
Term: 2019-2023
Deputy Chair: Mr Cesar TORRENTE (COL)
Term: 2017-2021
  Mr Mohammed AL SABERI (UAE)   2019-2021
  Mr Martin GIBBS (GBR)   2019-2023
  Mr Christopher John HODSON (NZL)   2015-2021
  Ms Valérie HORYNA (SUI)   2019-2022
  Ms Constance POPINEAU (FRA)   2017-2023
  Ms Diane PITTS (USA)   2019-2022
  Ms Harveen THAULI (CAN)   2017-2023
  Mr Gautier Aubert (SUI) - Tribunal Clerk  
  Ms Hilary Forde (IRL) - Tribunal Clerk  
Audit & Compliance
Chair: Mr Brian MANGAN (IRL)
Term: 2009-2020
  Members   Terms
  Ms Vicki GLYNN (NZL)   2017-2023
  Ms Janice SHARDLOW (GBR)   2014-2022
Nominations Chair: Ms Nayla STÖSSEL (SUI)
Term: 2017-2023
EEF Group
Deputy Chair: Paul PEREECH (BER)
Term: 2019-2023
Group IV
  Members     Reg. Groups Terms

Ms Wiveka LUNDH (SWE)

    EEF Group 2019-2023
  Ms Olga KOGAN (RUS)     Group III 2019-2023
  Mr Diego VALLEJO (COL)     Group V 2017-2023
  Mr Guillermo LOCKHART (URU)     Group VI 2017-2023
  Mr Hussam ZUMMIT (LBA)     Group VII 2017-2023
  Ms Yuri YAGI (JPN)     Group VIII 2019-2023
  Mr Jean-Michel TURLOT (COD)     Group IX 2019-2023
Chair: Mrs Maria GRETZER (SWE)
Term: 2013-2022
  FEI Athlete Representatives     Disciplines  Terms
  Ms Beatriz FERRER-SALAT (ESP)     Dressage 2018-2022
  Mr Pedro VENISS (BRA) Ad-interim     Jumping 2018-2022
  Mr William FOX-PITT (GBR)     Eventing 2018-2022
  Mr Vilmos JÁMBOR (HUN)     Driving 2018-2022
  Mr Tarek TAHER (KSA)     Endurance Resigned in 2020
  Mrs Kristina BOE (GER)     Vaulting 2018-2022
  Mrs Francesca STERNBERG (GBR)     Reining 2018-2022
FEI Solidarity
Chair: Mr Ingmar DE VOS (BEL)
FEI President

Term: 2014-2022
    EEF Group  
  Members     Reg. Groups Terms
  Mr Ulf Helgstrand (DEN)     EEF Group 2019-2020
  Ms Marina SECHINA (RUS)     Group III 2017-2020
  Ms Eve VAN DEN BOL (CAY)     Group IV 2017-2020
  Mr Juan Luis RODRIGUEZ (GUA)     Group V 2016-2020
  Mr Pablo Tomas MAYORGA (ARG)     Group VI 2017-2020
  HH Prince Moulay Abdellah EL ALAOUI (MAR)     Group VII 2018-2020
  Ms Mona TEP (CAM)     Group VIII 2017-2020
  Ms Glenda WARBURTON (SWZ)     Group IX 2018-2020
Chair: Ms Jenny HALL (GBR)
Term: 2018-2022
Deputy Chair: Dr Kirsten NEIL (AUS)
Term: 2017-2021
  Members   Terms
  Dr Ian BAINES (NAM)   2019-2023
  Dr Marc KOENE (GER)   2019-2023
  Dr Martha MISHEFF (USA)   2017-2021
  Prof Tim PARKIN (GBR)   2018-2022
  Dr Yves ROSSIER (CAN)   2018-2022
Chair: Mr Frank KEMPERMAN (NED)
Term: 2009-2021
Deputy Chair: Ms Irina MAKNAMI (RUS)
Term: 2018-2022
  Members    Terms
  Ms Beatriz FERRER-SALAT (ESP) - Athletes' Rep. 2018-2022
  Mr Andrew GARDNER (GBR)   2017-2021
  Mr Patrik KITTEL (SWE)   2019-2023
  Mr George WILLIAMS (USA)   2016-2020
Jumping Chair: Mr Stephan ELLENBRUCH (GER)
Term: 2017-2021
Deputy Chair: Mr Santiago VARELA (ESP)
Term: 2017-2021
  Members   Terms
  Mr Henrik ANKARCRONA (SWE)   2019-2023
  Ms Daniela GARCIA NIGAGLIONI (MEX) 2018-2022
  Mr Kazuya HIRAYAMA (JPN)   2016-2020
  Mr Pedro VENISS (BRA) Ad-interim   2020-2022
Chair: Mr David O'CONNOR (USA)
Term: 2017-2021
Deputy Chair: Mr Lars CHRISTENSSON (SWE)
Term: 2016-2020
  Members   Terms
  Mr Andrew BENNIE (NZL) 2019-2023
  Mr William FOX-PITT (GBR) - Athletes' Rep. 2018-2022
  Ms Philine GANDERS-MEYER (GER) 2017-2021
  Mr Geoff SINCLAIR (AUS)   2018-2022
Chair: Mr Károly FUGLI (HUN)
Term: 2019-2023
Deputy Chair: Mr Boyd EXELL (AUS)
Term: 2016-2020
  Members   Terms
  Mr Miguel Angel GUTIERREZ CAMARILLO (ESP) 2018-2022
  Jeroen HOUTERMAN (NED) 2019-2023
  Mr Vilmos JAMBOR (HUN) - Athletes' Rep.   2018-2022
  Mr Richard PAPENS (BEL)   2017-2021
Chair: Vacant
Deputy Chair: TBC
  Members   Terms
  Mr Stéphane CHAZEL (FRA)   2016-2020
  Mr Tarek TAHER (KSA) - Athletes' Rep. Resigned in 2020

* NOTE: Due to the resignation of the Chair in 2018 and the temporary suspension of the Deputy Chair pursuant to the FEI Tribunal Decision of 25 February 2019, the Endurance Committee was unable to function as a full committee during 2019. The terms of the Deputy Chair and one other member, Rocio Echeverri (CRC), expired in November 2019. The other members of the Endurance Committee, Stéphane Chazel (FRA) (2016-2020) and athlete representative Tarek Taher (KSA) (2018-2022) will remain as members for their terms. Due to the fact that, the FEI Board set up a Temporary Committee in October 2018 with a specific remit under Article 36.1 of the FEI Statutes, no elections were held for the Endurance Committee at the 2019 FEI General Assembly, but elections will be held for the Chair and Members (with the exception of the athlete representative) at the General Assembly 2020. We will open up for appointments and elections in early 2020, as we do with all Technical Committees. In the interim, the Endurance Temporary Committee will remain in place to provide advice. The members of the Endurance Temporary Committee are: Dr Sarah Coombs (GBR), Chair; Tarek Taher (KSA), Member; Pieter Wiersinga (NED), Member; Tim Parkin (GBR), Member; and Valerie Kanavy (USA), Member.

Chair. Mr John ECCLES (GBR)
Term: 2012-2020
Deputy Chair: Mr Kai VORBERG (GER)
Term: 2015-2020
  Members   Terms
  Mrs Kristina BOE (GER) - Athletes' Rep. 2018-2022
  Mr Rob DE BRUIN (NED)   2018-2022
  Ms Anita FLAMAND-PROCHASKA (AUT)   2018-2022
  Ms Isabelle PARKER (USA) 2019-2023
Chair: Mr Sven FRIESECKE (SUI)
Term: 2018-2022
Deputy Chair: Mr Adam HEATON (GBR)
Term: 2017-2021
  Members   Terms
  Mr Paulus BEURSKENS (NED)   2018-2022
  Mr Troy HEIKES (USA)   2017-2021
  Mr Filippo MASI DE VARGAS (ITA)   2019-2023
  Mrs Francesca STERNBERG (GBR) - Athletes' Rep. 2018-2022
Para Equestrian
Chair: Mrs Amanda BOND (GBR)
Term: 2012-2020
Deputy Chair: Mrs Hanneke GERRITSEN (NED)
Term: 2016-2020
  Members   Terms
  Mr Michel ASSOULINE (USA)   2019-2023
  Mr David HAMER (GBR)   2018-2022
  Ms Katherine LUCHESCHI (ITA)   2017-2021
  Ms Angelika TRABERT (GER) - Athletes' Rep 2018-2022
Chair: Dr Mark HART (USA)
Term: 2019-2020
  Members   Terms
  Dr Franz KASIN (NOR)   2019-2021
  Dr Anna-Louise MACKINNON (GBR)   2019-2023
  Dr Zoltan PALL (HUN)   2018-2022