FEI Tribunal Committee

Composition of the FEI Tribunal

(as from 13 November 2022)
A link to the CV of each member is attached to their name
Chair: Mr José Alfonso RODRIGUEZ (MEX)
Term: 2019-2023
Deputy Chair: Mr Cesar TORRENTE (COL)
Term: 2017-2025




Mr Phillip CORNEGÉ(NZL)   2021-2025
Mr Martin GIBBS (GBR)   2019-2023
Mr Brian WARD (CAN)   2022-2026
Mr Armand LEONE (USA)   2021-2025
Ms Constance POPINEAU (FRA)   2017-2023
Ms Diane PITTS (USA)   2019-2026
Ms Harveen THAULI (CAN)   2017-2023
Mr Gautier AUBERT (SUI) - Tribunal Clerk  
Ms Hilary FORDE (IRL) - Tribunal Clerk