Nominations Committee

Composition of the Nominations Committee
(as from 13 November 2022)
A link to the CV of each member is attached to their name

Chair: Ms Nayla STÖSSEL (SUI)

Term: 2017-2023
EEF Group

Deputy Chair: Mr Paul PEREECH (BER)
Term: 2019-2023

Group IV

Members     Reg. Groups Terms

Ms Wiveka LUNDH (SWE)

    EEF Group 2019-2023
Ms Olga KOGAN (RUS)     Group III 2019-2023
Mr Diego VALLEJO (COL)     Group V 2017-2023
Mr Guillermo VALENTE (URU)     Group VI 2022-2023
Mr Hussam ZUMMIT (LBA)     Group VII 2017-2023
Ms Yuri YAGI (JPN)     Group VIII 2019-2023
Mr Jean-Michel TURLOT (COD)     Group IX 2019-2023