Official Stakeholders

The FEI has a “two-tier” approach to the formalisation of relationships between the FEI and third party associations (approved by the FEI Board at its in-person meeting on 16 November 2019 in Moscow (RUS)).

There FEI has two types of recognition:

Stakeholder MOUs
The Stakeholders MOUs is used for the Direct Stakeholders Associations i.e. associations that represent equestrian stakeholders with a direct link with the FEI disciplines, e.g. International Jumping Riders Club, Jumping Owners Club, International Dressage Officials Club, etc.

The Stakeholders MOUs define the working relationship between both parties, their rights and obligations, and specify a common line of mutual cooperation. The request for an MOU will follow the standard internal process, with a formal request addressed to the FEI Secretary General and completion of the MOU request 1.

Official Mutual Recognition
Based on the FEI statutory objective to promote and develop equestrian sport worldwide and to recognise the interests of all constituencies of equestrianism, the “Official Mutual Recognition” is a new one-page official recognition document to be signed by the FEI with other associations that do not qualify as Direct Stakeholders Associations. Fundamental FEI principles, particularly horse welfare, must be recognised by anybody granted this new status.

Official Mutual Recognition is initiated with a formal request to the FEI Secretary General via the Official Mutual Recognition request 1, evaluation by FEI Headquarters resulting in a recommendation to the FEI Board, and formal decision by the Board.

1 - See the Documentary Library block below