Passports and Identification

Identification of Horses

The identification of horses is essential not only for the purpose of competing in FEI events, but also to move horses across borders.

In order to compete at FEI events, horses must have either: 

  • an FEI Passport or
  • a national passport that has been approved by the FEI and an FEI Recognition Card

If a horse is competing at a CIM event in the country in which the horse resides, the horse must be registered with the FEI and identifiable. From 1 January 2017 these horses must be identifiable with a national passport approved by the FEI.

In addition to passport requirements, horses registered after 1 January 2013 must also be microchipped. 

Identification Checks

In order to access an FEI event, the horse has to be positively identified from its passport and vaccinated according to the FEI Veterinary Regulations. The passport must be accurately completed, contain an FEI validation sticker. All other relevant details must be correctly recorded in the passport. Should the above information not be correctly entered, the horse may be not be allowed to enter the event site.

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