Veterinarian Education

The FEI Veterinary Education System is open to all equine veterinarians who are licensed with the appropriate veterinary regulatory body in their home or host country and wish to assume any veterinary role during FEI events. FEI Veterinarians are under the responsibility of their National Federation, which sets the number of national veterinarians needed, puts forward candidates for promotion and follows up on their work during the year.

After having completed the relevant training, FEI Veterinarians must accept the applicable codex and commit to officiate within the principles and rules of the organisation. The goal of the FEI Veterinary Education System is to ensure that all certified veterinarians apply a consistent approach to all veterinary matters at all FEI competitions, keeping the welfare of the horse at the heart of their practice at all times.

FEI Veterinarians fall under two main categories – Permitted Treating Veterinarians and Official Veterinarians - which entitle them to different roles and responsibilities at FEI events. A veterinarian may acquire both titles, but is not allowed to cumulate them at a given event.

The FEI maintains lists of all certified veterinarians (here), which are updated daily, and serve as a reference to the organising committees when recruiting officials for their events. At the end of each calendar year, the FEI reviews these lists to ensure that all FEI Veterinarians are up-to-date with their status maintenance requirements.

The FEI Veterinary Department will be happy to answer any questions which may not be addressed in the following pages.