Education System

Education System for FEI Veterinarians

The Education System for FEI Veterinarians provides a series of learning experiences that are based on the FEI Regulations and their application at international equestrian events. It aims at ensuring that all accredited veterinarians apply a consistent approach to veterinary matters at all FEI events, keeping the welfare of the horses at the heart of their practice at all times.

The career pathway offered to FEI Veterinarians is gradual. It starts with a common core pertaining to the treatment of competition horses and the provision of veterinary services and follows with a progressive specialisation towards various official functions and associated levels. 

FEI Veterinarians are managed by their National Federation, which, in liaison with the FEI Veterinary Department, sets the number of veterinarians needed in the country, puts forward applicants for promotion and follows up on their status during the year. Most National Federations are assisted in these tasks by a designated National Head Veterinarian.  

To ensure that FEI Veterinarians are up-to-date with the latest regulatory and equine welfare matters, they are requested to continue their education at regular intervals.

FEI Veterinarians’ competence and performance are regularly evaluated and their status is reviewed annually by the FEI Veterinary Department.