Limb Sensitivity & Ponies

The FEI is unique as an international sports governing body due to the fundamental relationship between horse and rider across equestrian sports. The welfare of the horse is of vital importance to the FEI. It is therefore imperative that horses are protected against overuse or abuse.

The FEI Code of Conduct (see here) outlines the basic objectives for all people involved in equine development, training, competition and retirement. Everyone must be aware of and adhere to this essential document.

In ensuring that the highest welfare standards are maintained, we must continue to improve our understanding of environmental and scientific factors surrounding the care of sports horses, both in and out of competition. With that in mind, the FEI collaborates with the charitable organisation World Horse Welfare by regularly consulting it on welfare matters and supporting Research and Development.

See here for the Joint Statement of the CIPS, IHSC and CIC.

If you have any welfare enquiries, please contact us.