Pony Measuring System

Covid-19 situation : Derogation made by the FEI in relation to Pony Measurement


On 18 November 2020, the FEI Board approved the extension of the derogation from Article 1087.2 of the Veterinary Regulations until 30 June 2021. This allows ponies newly registered as of 1 January 2020 to compete without an FEI height certificate.


Subject to Article 20.3 of the FEI Statutes, the FEI Board has approved to temporarily derogate Article 1087.2 of the Veterinary Regulations in order to allow for ponies newly registered as of 1 January 2020 to be able to compete without an FEI height certificate until 31 December 2020. Three events are exempted from the derogation: FEI European Pony Championships; FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ Youth Final; FEI Jumping Ponies Trophy Final.

The FEI Veterinary Regulations 2020 (Article 1087.4) will apply and measurement will be carried out in accordance with Annex IX of the Veterinary Regulations. Where possible, Measuring Sessions for the above three events will be organised for the newly registered ponies in advance of the Events.

New Pony Measuring System from 1 January 2020

A new pony measuring system has been introduced which will become effective from 1 January 2020. A transition period for ponies already registered with the FEI will take place until 31 December 2022, after which the new system will be fully implemented. Details concering these changes can be found below.

  • All new pony registrations in 2020 will have to be measured at an Official FEI Measuring Session. Measured in ponies will receive a FEI Measuring Certificate according to their age. (Ponies 8 years or older will receive a lifetime certificate, ponies younger than 8 years will receive a 15 months interim certificate)
  • All registered ponies measured in at FEI events and FEI Appeal Measurements by 2 FEI Measuring Veterinarians during 2017-2018-2019 will receive an FEI Lifetime Measuring Certificate. (“Grandfather Rights”). The list of these ponies will be communicated to the National Federations beginning of January 2020.
  • Ponies previously measured out at FEI competitions or appeal measurements will be allowed to be re-measured at a Pony Measuring Session.
  • The National Federations is responsible for organising the measuring sessions.
  • A calendar of the measuring sessions will be published on the FEI website by January of each year. The Calendar 2020 is available here.
  • Ponies can attend a measuring session in any country.
  • Ponies will not be allowed to be measured by an FEI measuring Veterinarian from the same National Federation under which it is registered.
  • The Person Responsible requesting a measurement at a measuring session will receive from his National Federations an invitation with the time and place. Please arrive at least 1 hour in advance in order to allow the pony time to relax.
  • If a Pony measures out it is blocked from entering in any FEI Pony Competition; and registered as a horse if required. It can be re-measured once during the same year at another Measuring Session, and once a year in the two following consecutive years. In total it may be measured 4 times in 3 consecutive years.
  • If the pony measures out there will be no further measuring at that session. The pony will have to be presented at another measuring session during the same year or later on.
  • All ponies must be free of any substances included on the EPSL and EADCM samples may be taken during measuring sessions.
  • FEI Official Veterinarians may take DNA samples of any or all ponies, such samples will not be used for purposes other than identification of the Pony.

1 January 2020 - 31 December 2022 (Transition Period)

  • Ponies registered with the FEI before 2020 who do not have an FEI measuring certificate will be measured at the European Pony Championships, Pony Nations Cup Final and Pony Jumping Trophy Final. If they do measure in, they will receive an FEI Measuring Certificate according to their age.
  • Ponies measured in at these three events will receive a FEI Measuring Certificate according to their age.

1 January 2023 (Full Implementation)

  • All ponies will need a FEI Measuring Certificate in order to be eligible to compete at FEI Events.