Testing Technicians

FEI Testing Technician: The Role

FEI Testing Technician is a new category of FEI Official, introduced in 2016. The role of the Testing Technician is to help the Testing Veterinarians during sampling for the FEI’s Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Programme (EADCMP). 
Required Experience
Testing Technicians must have significant experience with working with horses and have a high level of horsemanship. Prior experience in testing is highly beneficial but not an essential requirement for application
How to become an FEI Testing Technician 
In order to become a Testing Technician, candidates must satisfy the following criteria: 
1. Undertake the FEI’s Testing Technician online education programme.
2. Pass a theoretical online examination
  • Candidates have three attempts to pass the theoretical examination. A minimum time period of six months must be observed between the second and final attempts.  
3. Pass a practical evaluation with an FEI Testing Veterinarian
  • Candidates must have passed the Testing Technician online examination in order to undergo practical training with a Testing Veterinarian at an FEI event.
  • Candidates must pass their practical evaluation within nine months of passing their theoretical Testing Technician examination. Failure to pass the practical evaluation within this time period will result in the candidate having to re-take the theoretical Testing Technician examination.   
  • Candidate Testing Technicians have three attempts to pass the practical evaluation. 
4.  Obtain FEI registration following successful completion of the above
  • On passing the practical evaluation, candidates will be issued with an FEI ID card which is valid for four years and listed as a Testing Technician in the FEI database. 
Application Procedure
You may apply to become an FEI Testing Technician via your National Federation. Please click on the button below to access the enrolment form.  
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