Approved Passports

Equine Passports

In order to compete at FEI events, horses must have either: 

  • an FEI Passport or
  • a national passport that has been approved by the FEI and an FEI Recognition Card 

If a horse is competing at a CIM event in the country in which the horse resides, the horse must be registered with the FEI and be identifiable. From 1 January 2017 these horses must have a national passport that has been approved by the FEI (see FEI General Regulations Article 137). 

Equine passports and FEI Recognition cards serve as a record of:

  • Formal identification
  • Horse ownership
  • Vaccinations
  • Infectious disease testing
  • FEI events attended
  • Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication testing 

The horse’s identification, vaccination record and FEI Passport or Recognition Card validity will be checked at every FEI event. Incorrect or missing information may lead to a fine, disqualification or the horse may not be allowed into the event site.

How do I obtain an FEI passport or Recognition Card? 

FEI Passports and Recognition Cards are obtained from National Federations, and must be re-validated every four years. In order to obtain an FEI Passport or Recognition Card, the horse must be microchipped.

The veterinarian who completes the diagram, description pages and implants the microchip must be approved to do so by their National Federation.

Approval of National Passports
National Federations may apply to have national equine passports approved for use with FEI Recognition Cards. A blank, hard copy of the passport must be sent to the Veterinary Department for approval. The criteria required for approval can be downloaded from the library section below.If a National Federations would like to create their own passport for approval and use with an FEI Recognition Card, a passport template can be obtained by emailing

Key Identification Documents Library

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