Microchips and Horse Registration

From 1 January 2013, all horses that are undergoing registration with the FEI for the first time must be microchipped. It is not necessary for horses registered with the FEI before 1 January 2013 to be microchipped. 


Microchip Implantation

The microchip must be implanted by a veterinarian, licensed to practice in the country in which they are working. It is not necessary for the veterinarian to be an FEI veterinarian.

The microchip should be implanted into the left side of the horse’s neck. It must be compatible with ISO 11784 and 11785 and identifiable on scanning with a microchip reader. Due to the numerous manufacturers of microchips, the FEI does not maintain a list of manufacturers whose microchips comply to the ISO requirements as stated above.

Recording Microchip Information 

Microchip information must be entered into the horse's Passport by the veterinarian. If the horse has more than one functioning microchip, additional microchip numbers must be entered in the Passport Description page in the ‘Other’ box. If a horse has had a microchip implanted after it has been registered with the FEI, the 'Microchip Changes' form, found in the library section below, must be completed. The form must be sent to the National Federation under which the horse is registered. 


Microchip changes

If a microchip is no longer working, a new one must be implanted. These changes must be recorded using the form found in the library section below. The form must be completed by a veterinarian (who does not have to be registered with the FEI) and sent to the National Federation, along with the horse's FEI Passport responsible for the horse’s administration. If the horse has a national passport, the passport issuing organisation must also be notified.



Sanctions may be given, by the Ground Jury, to Person’s Responsible (PRs) in the event of non-functioning microchips and the incorrect recording of microchip numbers. Further details can be found in Annex VI of the FEI Veterinary Regulations.

Detailed information concerning microchips can be found in Article 1001 of the FEI Veterinary Regulations.


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Microchip Changes Form (PDF)
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