Asian Games

The Asian Games, also known as Asiad, are held every four years in the even years between the Olympic Games. These are the largest sporting event world-wide – with 12,000 athletes competing, whereas the IOC has limited the number of athletes at the Olympic Games to 10,000.

The Asian Games are organised by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) which headquarters are based in Kuwait and are recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The first edition of the Asian Games was held in 1950. In order to participate, all athletes must be entered by their National Olympic Committee (NOC). There are 46 countries, members of OCA, invited to participate in the Asian Games where 40 sports are showcased (including all Olympic sports).

Equestrian sports first made an appearance at the 9th Asian Games in 1982 held in New Delhi (IND) following by Seoul, South Korea in 1986. They did not take part of 11th edition in Beijing, but were reintroduced again in 1994 and have since been part of the Asian Games program.

The Asian Equestrian Federation first came into being in 1978, and was recognised by the FEI as a body which would promote and ensure the growth of equestrian sports in the Asian region. The AEF statutes state that AEF shall provide all guidance and assistance to NF in the (Asian Games) organisation and all conduct of equestrian sports will be according to FEI Rules. Therefore, the Asian Games are subject to FEI rules as far as all for technical aspects are concerned, while the FEI ensures the technical control of all equestrian sports at the Asian Games.

The next edition fo the Asian Games will take place in Hangzhou (CHN) 10-25 Sept 2022; Jumping /Dressage/Eventing disciplines will be represented.

Host Cities
2022 19th Asian Games, Hangzhou (CHN)
2018 18th Asian Games, Jakarta - Palembang (Indonesia)
2014 17th Asian Games, Incheon, (South Korea) - Jumping / Dressage / Eventing
2010 16th Asian Games, Guangzhou (CHN) - Jumping / Dressage / Eventing
2006 15th Asian Games, Doha (QAT) - Jumping / Dressage / Eventing / Endurance
2002 14th Asian Games, Pusan (South Korea) - Jumping / Dressage / Eventing
1998 13th Asian Games, Bangkok (THA) - Jumping / Dressage / Eventing
1994 12th Asian Games, Hiroshima (JPN) - Jumping / Dressage
1990 11th Asian Games, Beijing (CHN) - no Equestrian sports
1986 10th Asian Games, Seoul (South Korea) -  Jumping / Dressage / Eventing
1982 9th Asian Games, New Delhi (IND) - Jumping / Eventing