Bolivarian Games

The Bolivarian Games are a regional multi-sport event held in honour of Simón Bolívar – known as "El Libertador", The Liberato. Simón Bolívar was the leader of several independence movements throughout South America, collectively known as Bolívar's War and he is to this day credited with leading the fight for independence in what are now the countries of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama and Bolivia, he is revered as a hero in these countries and throughout much of the rest of Hispanic America. Hence, the event is open to the 6 countries liberated by Bolívar or those born from these.

The Bolivarian Games are organised by the Bolivarian Sports Organisation (ODEBO). In order to participate, all athletes must be entered by their National Olympic Committee. While all Equestrian sports are conducted in accordance with the FEI Rules.

The first Games were held in 1938 in Bogotá (COL) for the city's 400th anniversary. They have since been held irregularly, but every four years since 1973, with the last edition in Bogota (COL) in 2017.

The next edition of the Bolivarian Games will take place in Valles Del Tuy (VEN)  in 2021; exact dates and disciplines to be confirmed.

Host Cities
2022 19th Bolivarian Games, Bogota (COL) - Jumping / Dressage / Eventing
2017 18th Bolivarian Games, Bogota (COL) - Jumping / Dressage
2013 17th Bolivarian Games, Lima (PER) - Jumping / Dressage / Eventing
2009 16th Bolivarian Games, Sucre (BOL) - Jumping/Dressage
2005 15th Bolivarian Games, Bogotá (COL) - Jumping / Dressage
2001 14th Bolivarian Games, Quito (ECU) - Jumping / Dressage / Eventing
1997 13th Bolivarian Games, Lima (PER) - Jumping / Dressage
1993 12th Bolivarian Games, Santa Cruz (BOL) Jumping
1989 11th Bolivarian Games, Caracas (VEN) Jumping / Dressage
1985 10th Bolivarian Games, Cuenca (ECU) Jumping / Dressage
1981 9th Bolivarian Games, Barquisimeto (VEN)
1977 8th Bolivarian Games, La Paz (BOL)
1973 7th Bolivarian Games, Panama City (PAN)
1970 6th Bolivarian Games, Maracaibo (VEN)
1965 5th Bolivarian Games, Quito and Guayaquil (ECU)
1961 4th Bolivarian Games, Barranquilla (COL)
1951 3rd Bolivarian Games, Caracas (VEN)
1947/48 2nd Bolivarian Games, Lima (PER)
1938 1st Bolivarian Games, Bogotá (COL)