Clean Sport Initiative

The FEI’s Clean Sport initiative aims to produce a detailed approach to clean sport as well as incorporating World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA) principles. The use of substances with the potential to affect equine performance, health or welfare and/or with a high potential for misuse are contrary to the integrity of equestrian sport and the welfare of the horses.

The "Person Responsible"

Although the athlete is classed as the ‘Person Responsible’ (PR) for the horse, grooms and veterinarians can be considered as ‘Additional PRs’. It is each PR’s personal duty to ensure no prohibited substance is present in the horse’s body.

Equine Prohibited Substances

The Equine Prohibited Substances List (EPSL) lists all substance that are prohibited during FEI events. Before giving any substance to a horse competing at FEI events, athletes and their support personnel must check if it is prohibited. A withdrawal time must be observed before competing and the FEI publishes a List of Detection Times. Further information can be found by clicking 'Clean Sport for Horses' button below.

Elective Testing is always available and the FEI organises specific elective testing programmes for horses competing in major Games.

The EPSL is reviewed on an annual basis and changes to the list are published on the Clean Sport website, 90 days in advance of the change coming into effect. All members of our equine community are welcome to submit suggested changes to the EPSL.

Further Information

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