Global Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Programme (EADCMP)

The FEI’s EADCMP will be run on a global scale under a new harmonised system from 1 January 2016.

Increased testing is being carried out at FEI events on a worldwide scale. Testing takes place throughout all levels of FEI disciplines in a harmonised way and the number of horses tested is now evenly distributed across all levels of FEI events. Following changes to the Veterinary Regulations, there is no longer an emphasis on testing at events of 3*level and above.

Testing Veterinarians, assisted by Testing Technicians, a new category of FEI Official, attend events to collect samples. Veterinary Delegates will still be expected to take samples in certain situations e.g. on suspicion and in cases of equine fatalities, and if requested to do so by the FEI Veterinary Department. Horses can still be tested at any FEI event and at any time. The process will not change testing with respect to the sample collection procedure or sanctions for positive test results.

The FEI Veterinary Department is responsible for the administration of the entire EADCMP. They select the events at which testing takes place and work with National Head Veterinarians who assist with local coordination. The EADCMP will is fully funded by the FEI under the new financial model. Organising Committees are now no longer responsible for arranging or funding EADCMP.The FEI Veterinary Department has produce a guide to the new EADCMP administrative procedure, which can be downloaded in the library below.

The Annual Report for previous years' testing can also be downloaded below.