Clean Sport for Horses - Veterinary Forms

The following Veterinary Forms are used during events for the management and the authorisation of emergency treatments and the use of other medications that are not considered to be Prohibited Substances.

All treatment must be given within 'Designated Treatment Boxes' at events.

Changes to the use of Veterinary Forms from 1 January 2018

From 1 January 2018, Veterinary Forms 1-4 will be invalid and replaced by Veterinary Forms A and B as follows. It will be no longer necessary to declare the use of substances that were previously recorded on Veterinary Forms 2 and 4.

Veterinary Form A (Previously Veterinary Form 1)

Authorisation for emergency treatment (limited to Controlled Medication only). This form may be completed by an FEI Permitted treating veterinarian ar an event or by the horse's usual veterinarian if the horse received emergency treatment prior to an event. It must be presented to the event's FEI Veterinary Delegate immediately on arrival at the event.

Veterinary Form B (Previously Veterinary Form 3)

Authorisation for the use of medication and supportive therapies that are not included on the Equine Prohbited Substances List (for example: rehydration fluids and antibiotics) but which need to monitored. This form must be completed by one of the event's FEI Permitted Treating Veterinarians. 

Information concerning the use of Veterinary Forms A and B can be found in the 2018 version of the Veterinary Regulations under Chapter V on Veterinary Medication.