East Asian Games

The East Asian Games was a multi-sport event held every four years among athletes from East Asian countries, from 1993 and ended after the 2013 tournament.

In order to participate, all athletes must be entered by their National Olympic Committee.

There are 10 countries invited to participate, representing for the most part countries and territories form the northern part of East Asia, members of OCA:

China, Guam, Hong Kong, Japan, Kazakhstan, DPR Korea (North Korea), Korea (South Korea), Macau, Mongolia, Chinese Taipei.

2013 6th East Asian Games, Tianjin (China)
2009 5th East Asian Games, Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
2005 4th East Asian Games, Macau (China)
2001 3rd East Asian Games, Osaka (Japan)n (Korea)
1997 2nd East Asian Games, Pusa
1993 1st East Asian Games, Shanghai (China)