FEI General Assembly

About the FEI General Assembly
The FEI General Assembly acts as a platform for discussions and voting on the major decisions of the FEI and the governance of the sport. It is held in a different location every year.

The General Assembly governs the overall direction, development and management of the FEI’s disciplines worldwide. Elections are held at the General Assembly and decisions are taken, by vote, on changes to FEI Statutes, long-term strategies, FEI budgets and important equestrian matters.

  • Invitation and attendance to the FEI General Assembly however, will be restricted as in the past to National Federations, stakeholders, guests, etc.
  • Each National Federation has the right to cast a vote and in order to do so, need to complete the Power of Attorney Form (POA).
  • National Federations that are unable to attend may be represented by another member Federation and in order to do so, need to complete the POA form.
  • The POA will be provided by email to each National Federation together with the details related to the Online Registration Platform. It should be returned to the FEI duly filled and signed.

New as from 2017
In view of the good governance upgrading process that all International Sports Olympic Federations are currently undergoing, the FEI is excited to show leadership in this area. In this sense, further to the transparency principle defined by the Association of Sports Olympic International Federation (ASOIF), the FEI will, for the first time in its history, make public all official and working documents related to the FEI General Assembly, including but not only, the FEI rules revision, the General Assembly agenda and/or the relevant annexes.

Anyone interested in equestrian sport will be able to follow the discussions, initiatives or projects which the FEI is undertaking. As in previous editions, the FEI General Assembly meeting will be broadcasted live, more details will be available in due course.

We are very pleased to take this important step in the FEI and we will keep on working in the implementation of new measures with the aim of setting standards and being at the forefront of good governance within the international sports world.

For more information, please contact:
Ms Sophie Ruiz-Leimer
 - General Enquiries
Ms Julie Schlaefli or Ms Sonia Belghith - Hotels, transportation & logistics
Ms Grania Willis - Press & Media
Ms Olivia Robinson - FEI Awards