Mexico City (MEX) 18-21 November 2023

The attendance to the FEI Hybrid General Assembly is restricted to National Federations, stakeholders and special guests and is by invitation only.

It is mandatory to register via the FEI official Registration Platform for all participants attending the FEI Hybrid General Assembly 2023 using the link received in the invitation email.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at

Please use the menu tabs below to navigate through the different sections of this edition where we have collated all the information relevant to the 2023 edition, from the logistics to all the meeting documents including the annexes and the minutes, as well as the ultimate tab where you can watch the entire General Assembly live or on replay.

Welcome by the President of Federacion Ecuestre Mexicana

On behalf of the Mexican Equestrian Federation, it is my utmost pleasure to extend a warm and heartfelt welcome to each one of you to the FEI General Assembly 2023, which will be held from 18 to 21 November in vibrant and enchanting Mexico City.


As we gather for this prestigious event, we are honored to host equestrian enthusiasts, professionals, and representatives from around the globe, all united by a shared passion for the equestrian world. This assembly serves as a testament to the global reach and significance of equestrian sports in fostering unity, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence. This platform will enable us to exchange ideas, address challenges, and pave the way for a brighter future for equestrian sports worldwide.


Mexico City, with its rich history, cultural heritage, and warm hospitality, offers a perfect backdrop for this international gathering. We hope that during your stay, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourselves in the captivating blend of tradition and modernity that Mexico has to offer, along with experiencing the renowned Mexican cuisine and lively local culture.


Once again, a warm welcome to the FEI General Assembly 2023. Let us come together, unite our strengths, and make this event a resounding success.


We look forward to greeting each one of you with open arms in the spirit of hospitality and camaraderie Mexicans are known for.


¡Bienvenidos a Mexico!


Welcome by the FEI President and the FEI Secretary General

Dear Board Members, National Federation Delegates, Memorandum of Understanding Holders,

Dear Guests and Friends,


On behalf of the FEI, we are delighted to share with you the Official Invitation and Programme for the FEI Hybrid General Assembly 2023, which will take place in historic and vibrant Mexico City (MEX).


Two years ago, we hosted the first ever hybrid edition of the General Assembly. It provided an opportunity for most of us to meet in-person post the Covid-19 pandemic, while providing delegates who were unable to attend in person the opportunity to participate online. The 2022 edition functioned once again in a hybrid format and this year we will continue to do so to best accommodate all participants.


The General Assembly is a great opportunity to evaluate where we stand globally as a sport, while allowing us to look ahead and create our roadmap for the future together. With six disciplines and 136 National Member Federations, we are a diverse and inclusive community and it is crucial we have a solid platform to discuss and decide on matters at the heart of our sport.


Approval of the proposed modifications to the FEI Rules, many of which this year put emphasis on horse welfare, along with updates on preparations for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will be among the key items on the General Assembly’s agenda.


The annexes for the General Assembly as well as agendas, presentations and other relevant documentation are available publicly and will be published online in due course, in line with the transparency principle defined by the Association of Sports Olympic International Federation (ASOIF).


By navigating through the different tabs provided on this hub, you will have access to all logistical information for the General Assembly. The General Assembly will be livestreamed and available on Replay, and these links can also be accessed in the hub.  


Please keep in mind that all National Federations, whether attending in-person or virtually, are required to register for the General Assembly so that they can exercise their statutory rights (voting) and take part in discussions.


It will be a busy week and at the end of all the meetings, we will bring the General Assembly to a close with the traditional celebration of our heroes at the FEI Awards Gala presented by Longines in a stunning location.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Mexican hosts for their generous welcome. We are looking forward to yet another productive FEI General Assembly and a fabulous FEI Awards Gala 2023 in Mexico City. 


Should you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact the FEI Organising Team.


TIMETABLE Last update: 20 September 2023
Time zone: CST (UTC-6)
Saturday 18 November (only for Board members)
09:00 Board Meeting 1
11:00 Coffee break
13:00 Lunch
14:15 Board Meeting 1
16:00 Coffee break
19:00 Upon invitation only
FEI Board Dinner, Cascabel Restaurant (Business attire)
Sunday 19 November
09:00 Regional Group Meetings
11:00 Coffee break
13:00 Lunch
14:15 Continental Associations Meetings
16:00 Coffee break
19:30 Welcome Dinner, Hacienda de Los Morales (Casual)
Monday 20 November (Time and Sessions yet to be confirmed)
09:00 Session 1
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Session 2
13:00 Lunch presented by PAEC
14:15 Session 3
15:45 Coffee break
16:15 Session 4
Tuesday 21 November
08:15 Registration of participants
09:00 Extraordinary General Assembly followed by Ordinary General Assembly
11:00 Coffee break
13:00 Lunch presented by PAEC
14:15 Ordinary General Assembly
16:45 Board Meeting 2
19:30 FEI AWARDS Gala 2023 presented by Longines, Colegio de las Vizcainas (Black tie/Evening dress)

Dear  Delegate,
We look forward to welcoming you for the FEI Hybrid General Assembly 2023 at the Hyatt Regency in Mexico City from 18 to 21 November 2023. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to have an enjoyable stay in our country.

All meetings of this year’s General Assembly will be held at:

Hyatt Regency Polanco, Mexico City 
Avenida Campos Eliseos 204
Polanco Chapultepec, Miguel Hidalgo
11560, Mexico City
Tel:    +52 55 5083 1234

You will find more details about Hotel bookings, deadlines and cancellation policies in its dedicated page under Logistics.

It is advisable to take some extra precautions. Plan your route, don´t walk alone after dark. If you are walking, stay within the Polanco neighbourhood. If you go downtown, keep valuables out of sight.
Use UBER, Cabify or taxis from the hotel. Please don't board taxis from the street.

The time zone in Mexico City is Central Standard Time: GMT-6.

Dry, warm November may be the most ideal month to visit Mexico City, offering a sweet spot between the heavy fall rains and beginning of high season.
The average temperature in Mexico City in November for a typical day range from a high of 70°F (21°C) to a low of 46°F (8°C). Some would describe it as moderately chilly, humid but cool.
Please bring a jacket, especially for nights out where it might get colder.
For the meetings, we do recommend you dress in layers as temperatures in meeting rooms can vary.

Local currency is the Mexican Peso (MXN). Credit cards can be used for most expenses, Visa, Mastercard and American Express as the most commonly used cards in Mexico. Everything in Mexico must be paid in local currency. ATM’s are available in the Hotel Lobby and around the Polanco neighbourhood. If you need to exchange currency, we recommend you do it at the airport.

Spanish is the official language. Some locals might speak English. 

Tipping is usually 15and we strongly encourage it.

Mexico operates on a 127V supply voltage and 60 Hz. 
Please refer to for further information. 

Uber and Cabify are fully operational via the APPs in Mexico City. The cost is extremely reasonable.
If you are taking a taxi, please make sure it´s an official one. Ask the concierge to call a taxi for you.


Marilly Meyer (+52 55 2955 2367)
Lucie Campech (+52 55 4080 0028)

All documentation (minutes, agenda and annexes, presentations and any additional documents) from the various meetings will be published and accessible in the corresponding blocks below (coming soon).

Take note of the dates mentioned below and read it carefully. If you need assistance, please contact

August 2023

Thursday, 03 August 2023

Tuesday, 29 August 2023

The FEI Online Registration Platform opens.

Registration is mandatory for all participants and must be made via the FEI Online Registration Platform. 

Items proposed by the National Federations for the FEI Hybrid General Assembly agenda must be provided to the FEI in writing ( no later than 29 August 2023.


October 2023

Monday, 9 October 2023

Tuesday, 24 October 2023

Deadline to book a hotel room using the FEI room rates via the link given in FEI Online Registration Platform.

After this date, the FEI room rates will not be applied by the Hyatt Hotel.

FEI publishes the agenda and annexes of the FEI Hybrid General Assembly week on (FEI Statutes, 24th edition, Annex I, Article 2.2). 

Friday, 27 October 2023


Deadline to register to participate to the FEI Hybrid General Assembly in person.


November 2023

Monday, 13 November 2023

Monday, 20 November 2023

Deadline to register to participate to the FEI Hybrid General Assembly online.

The Power of Attorney Form form must be sent to or by fax (+41 21 310 47 60) no later than 20 November 2023 9:00 (Mexican time - Central Standard Time). (FEI Statutes, 24th Edition, Annex I, Article 3.3)​

The Power of Attorney Form has been sent to the National Federations, attached to the email inviting them to register their delegate(s). Please note that this year it will not be possible for a NF to give a proxy to another NF as it will be possible to attend the General Assembly and vote online.

January 2024
Tuesday, 30 January 2024  
The minutes of the General Assembly are published on (FEI Statutes, 24th Edition, Article 16.3).