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Course Entry Forms
Judge Technical Delegate
Course Designer Steward
Application to Host a Course  
Assessments at Course
Judges Technical Delegate
Course Designer Steward
Transfer-up for Eventing Officials
2023 Application Transfer Form  
At Events
Evaluations on active officiating at Events
                                                                                                                            Judges: L1 Judge (or National Judges with equivalency) for Level 2 Transfer L1 Judge Cross Country Day Evaluation

L1 TD (or National TD with equivalency) for Level 2 Transfer

                                                                                                                                  CDs: L1 CD (or National CD with equivalency) for Level 2 Transfer
Reports for Eventing Competitions
TD Report - January 2024 Judge Report - January 2024
Chief Steward Report - January 2024 Athlete Representative Report - June 2023
The above report forms have been created as editable PDFs and are intended to be filled electronically to facilitate the overall reporting process. 
TD report Forms
Fall Report Form - February 2024 Fence Description Form - March 2023
  Fence Analysis codes & example

Guidelines for reporting 

Guidelines for Event reporting - March 2023  
Fence Diagrams - June 2022 Fence Description Form Guidelines  - March 2023
​Glossary for filling in Fall Forms - January 2022 General Instructions for collecting statistics on Fall - January 2021
Compensation of Technical Delegates 4*, 5* & CH
Procedure for NFs / OCs / TDs - December 2022  
Compensation Form Championships - January 2021 Compensation Form 4* / 5* - January 2021
Other Forms
FEI Medical Information form for Armbands January 2019