Results Forms for Endurance

Results for Endurance

Endurance Results can be provided to the FEI in three different ways:

1. XMLs can be produced and directly uploaded to the FEI Database or submitted by email

2. Excel format to be submitted by email to

3. FEI Forms is an online platform to enter and submit the Endurance results

Click here to see important information regarding the processing of FEI Endurance Results

1. XML Format

This XML format is a practical format since this is TEXT format and very easy for the Organisers' IT partners to work with. This XML format was made to automate results processing and facilitate data exchange between Organising Committees, National Federations and the FEI.

By using this format (XML), you can submit the XML results files directly on the FEI Database.

You will find the complete documentation by following this link: XML Format for Automated Results Processing.

  • XSD files
  • XSD documentation
  • XML examples
  • Guidelines about XML format for Automated Results Processing.
2. Excel Format

If you cannot produce XML files, please fin in the Excel format with Recovery Times results file with all the FEI IDs for Athletes and Horses, the Competing for and the distributed prize money.

Please send the Excel file to with any other information or explanations necessary.

3. FEI Forms

FEI Forms is an online results interface to upload Endurance Event results:

The aim of FEI Forms is to be able to upload all Endurance Event results directly, without sending the Excel via email. The platform simplifies the process as a lot of key information is already entered in the online form and it can also be used in all situations, with or without an internet connection.

All results will need to have a corresponding accepted entry in the FEI Entry System in order to be valid and the recovery times must be typed in manually on the online form beflore submitted the results online.

The FEI Forms Guidelines will help you to use this results platform.

Additional information for FEI Endurance Results

The time and speed values that must be provided in the FEI Endurance Results are:

LOOP TIME: "... is calculated from the time the Combination crosses the start line of a Loop until it reaches the end line of that Loop. Loop time does not include any recovery time or time spent in the Vetting Area." (art. 814.2)

PHASE TIME: "... includes the Combination's Loop time plus the Horse's recovery time after that Loop [...] except that the final Phase does not include any recovery time after the final Loop." (art. 815)

LOOP SPEED: "... is the average speed of the Combination over a Loop, calculated by dividing the length of the Loop by the time taken by the Combination to complete the Loop." (art. 814.3)

PHASE SPEED: PHASE TIME divided by the length of the loop.

TOTAL TIME: sum of PHASE TIME (loops #1, #2, #3, etc...) and final Loop time.

TOTAL AVERAGE SPEED: total length of the course divided by the TOTAL TIME.

Please note that the times must be provided in hours, minutes and seconds (HH:MM:SS).


Below is a detailed table of elimination code combinations to be used as of the 1 July 2020.

Please refer to the FEI Endurance Rules, Annex 3 for further details.

Please note:

  • there must not be any spaces between characters within an elimination code -> e.g. "GA+ME+SP" or "SI-MUSCU+ME+SP"
  • the code “SP” must always be placed at the end of the code combination -> e.g. “GA+SP” or “SI-META+SP”


In addition to other reasons for Disqualification that your can find here, the following reasons may also apply:

  • Underweight
  • Late Presentation
  • Hyposensitivity
  • Horse Abuse
  • Horse Not Presented

Please indicate the DSQ reasons in your result Excel or XML sheets. If you provide results on FEI Forms and you have questions regarding the submission of DSQ reasons, please check the FEI How to page here.


The FEI Endurance Rules 2020 has introduced the concept of speed restrictions, if combinations do not comply with the applicable speed restrictions they must be marked as FTQ-SP, together with any other applicable elimination codes.

Please refer to the FEI Endurance Rules 2024, Art. 837 for details.

Guidelines on how to acknowledge, calculate and manage speed restrictions at FEI Events can be found here.

We have updated the FEI Entry System downloadable files with an example of the speed restriction information you can retrieve; these are available here.


The FEI Database calculates and checks the speeds and times uploaded in the results to ensure the calculation between the times, distances and speeds all match, so as to apply the relevant articles of the FEI Endurance Rules correctly.

FEI Endurance Results require that speeds are submitted with 2 digits. If your software calculates speeds with 3 digits and you need to round them down to 2 digits before providing the results (by XML or Excel), please see the following example which shows what is accepted by the FEI Database:

Your software calculates speeds up to X digits and makes an automatic rounding down to 3 digits - please remove the 3rd digit:

Phase Time (in secs): 5212

Distance (km): 35

Speed (distance/time): 35/(5212*3600) = 24.17498

Rounding down by your software: 24.175

The correct speed value to provide is 24.17


Your software calculates speeds up to 3 digits only - you need to round it down to 2 digits:

Phase Time (in secs): 5852

Distance (km): 30

Speed (distance/time): 30/(5852*3600) = 18.455229

Data provided by your software without previous rounding: 18.455

The correct speed value to provide is 18.46


Following the recommendation of the Endurance Temporary Committee and to support the work they are doing, we study and analyse the recovery times at FEI Endurance Events on a regular basis.

Recovery Time is the time difference between the time the combination finishes a loop by entering the cooling area and the time when the Horse enters the Vet Inspection area to be inspected and have its pulse checked. The recovery time is measured in minutes and seconds (MM:SS), but must be submitted in HH:MM:SS format as per all other times.


Since there may not be any ties in an Endurance Competition, in the situation where two or more Combinations start the Competition at the same time and finish with the same total elapsed riding time, the determination of the classification must be based on the tip of the nose of the Horse that crosses the finish line first (Art. 809.4 for details).


For 2023: Best Condition document (Word)