FEI Entry System for National Federations

As a National Federation, you have to manage the entries of your Athletes and Horses.
To help you with this process you will find below some useful links and documents:

FEI Entry System Tutorials

Some video tutorials  have been set up to help you get familiar with the FEI Entry System for Jumping. These videos will guide you through every step of the system.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
If additional support is needed, you will probably find answers to your questions in the FAQ Section. However if this does not help you, do not hesitate to contact the FEI Support by e-mail.

FEI Entry System Online Training Sessions

Online training sessions will be held upon request to help National Federation Members to handle Jumping Entries through the FEI Entry System. Please contact us at : entries@fei.org should you feel the need to follow a training session.

FEI Entry System Web Services and Entry Files

As a National Federation, in addition to the web interface, you have different and easy ways to make your entries:

  • Use the Entry files produced in CSV or XML format by your system. Examples are available here for Entry System v2 and here for Entry System v3.
  • Use the Web Services which will allow you to connect your system with the FEI Entry System. This will help you to do your entries through your own system and will automatically update the FEI Entry System. The full documentation is available here.

NF Initial Setup form for the FEI Entry System

National Federations are requested to fill out this form in order to set up the basic parameters for the FEI Entry System specific to each National Federation. If you have already filled out the form for Endurance or Dressage, you do not have to fill it out again as your settings will remain the same.