FEI SportApp

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Discover the official FEI mobile application, bringing you the latest and most comprehensive international horse sport information.
FEI SportApp unlocks exclusive and rich features, available at your fingertips in your pocket or on your tablet!

On the FEI SportApp you can find:
Direct access to the detailed programs and schedules of all the upcoming international horse sport events
Athletes and Horses results and biographies
Latest FEI news releases as well as the current Top 3 athletes from the rankings lists
Results of FEI Shows all over the world on the user friendly results page and benefit from the comprehensive FEI result Database
Stakeholders specific content:
Fans can tailor the FEI SportApp to their liking by choosing the disciplines they are most interested in and creating their own FEI user account.
Athletes can see their own results as well as upcoming entries in their own profile page, and receive notifications as soon as a new entry is added (please make sure notifications are enabled).
Information on upcoming entries can be shared with grooms, chefs d'équipe, owners, relatives etc. via the "invitation" function.

FEI Officials get specific features that help them carry out their duties at FEI shows.

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