The FEI Veterinary Department is involved with a number of on-going projects to promote equine welfare and equestrian sport throughout the world. A summary of our current projects is explained below.

Global Endurance Injuries Surveillance (GEIS)

The Global Endurance Injuries Surveillance (GEIS) project involves the collation and analysis of data from Endurance events throughout the world. The project is being carried out in conjunction with epidemiologists from the University of Glasgow who are using the data to identify risk factors in the sport. Their findings will be used to support good welfare practices and build foundations for regulatory changes.

Global Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Programme (EADCMP)

A new EADCMP administrative process was initiated in January 2016 which aims to run testing in a harmonised manner on a global scale. In addition to increased levels of testing, the new programme allows testing to be distributed evenly across all levels of FEI events.

The FEI Veterinary Department is responsible for the administration of the entire EADCMP. They select events at which testing takes place and work in conjunction with National Head Veterinarians who assist with local coordination. Organising Committees are now no longer responsible for arranging or funding EADCMP.

In conjunction with the new EADCMP administrative process, the Veterinary Department introduced the role of Testing Technician, a new category of FEI Official and has further developed the Clean Sport website.

International Movement of Horses

The FEI is working in partnership with the IFHA and the WHOAH to develop a new concept for the international movement of horses. The concept is being developed to assist the international movement of horses in countries where there are no existing frameworks in place.

The concept will involve the identification of ‘high health, high performance horses’ (HHP) which must comply to compartmentalisation, identification, traceability, high level biosecurity management and health certification, based upon existing WHOAH standards. Only HHP horses will be eligible to be transported under the new concept and must comply with stringent criteria during transport and events to maintain their HHP status.

Olympic, Regional and World Equestrian Games

The FEI Veterinary Department provides advice and guidance to the Organising Committees of Games such as the Olympic Games, Paralympics, World Equestrian Games and other regional Games. The Department often works with Games’ Organising Committees for several years in advance of the event and supports them in the  recruitment of veterinarians, equine facilities e.g. stables, veterinary equipment, cooling equipment, emergency support, equine biosecurity, the import and export of horses and veterinary medicines and all aspects of the Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Programme.