EHV-1 Report

This section is dedicated to the comprehensive and fully transparent investigation into every aspect of the outbreak of the neurological form of Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1) in Spain in February 2021, which resulted in the deaths of 18 horses in mainland Europe and confirmed related cases in 10 countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Qatar, Spain, Slovakia, Sweden and Switzerland.

In order to present the findings to the public, a three-part Report has been devised.

  • Part 1 was published on 28 February 2022 and provides a comprehensive and factual picture of the outbreak, including the series of events, causes, roles and responsibilities, and analysis. It evaluates what was done correctly and identifies where there were failings, and lessons learned. Additionally, Part 1 covers accountability, lack of preparedness and measures that have already been taken to rectify that, including enhanced jurisdiction for the FEI and reinforced Rules. Blocking of sick and in-contact horses in the FEI Database to prevent further transmission, the importance of risk assessment, both pre- and post-outbreak, pre-event onsite regulatory checks and the creation of Emergency Response Units are also covered. Multiple external reports are included as Annexes.
  • Part 2 of the Report was published on 22 April 2022, in advance of the FEI Sports Forum 2022 (25-26 April), covers the stringent measures implemented to allow Return to Competition following the six-week FEI-imposed lockdown on international sport in mainland Europe. This section of the Report focuses on the EHV-1 By-Laws and sanctioning system, and evaluates their effectiveness, plus the elements of these that were subsequently incorporated into the FEI Veterinary Regulations 2022 approved at the FEI Hybrid General Assembly in November 2021.
  • Part 3 of the Report, elements of which were presented at the FEI Sports Forum, will look at the way forward, including potential global vaccination protocols. Professor Lutz Goehring, a world-renowned specialist in equine infectious diseases – and particularly EHV – at the Gluck Equine Research Center, presented his findings on the benefits and drawbacks of vaccination at the FEI Sports Forum, focusing on the scientific evidence of whether mandatory vaccination against EHV-1 is protective against outbreaks at FEI Events. The presentation was included in Session 8: FEI Veterinary Regulations on Day 2 of the FEI Sports Forum (26 April 2022).
EHV-1 Documents Library
EHV- 1 Report, Part 1
Annex 1 EHV-1 Factsheet
Annex 2 CES Notification to MAPA, 21 February 2021
Annex 3 Emails Vet Director and CES OC and Officials, 21 February 2021
Annex 4 Athlete communiqués regarding blocked horses, biosecurity protocols
Annex 5 Official notification by Spanish Authorities, Nota Rinoneumonitis equina, 24 February 2021
Annex 6 EHV-1 Updates published on
Annex 7 Final FEI press conference on EHV-1 (neurological form), audio file
Annex 8 Report of Valencia FEI Veterinary treatment team leader Federico Nieto, 18 March 2021
Annex 9 FEI Valencia 2021 GJ member, 22 September 2021
Annex 10 Biosecurity Guidelines
Annex 11 Emails requesting CES biosecurity contingency plan
Annex 12 Veterinary Manager's report from CES Valencia
EHV-1 Report, Part 2
Annex 1 FEI Updates on Return To Competition (multiple texts)
Annex 2 Measures for Restart of Competition in Mainland Europe on 12 April 2021_30 March 2021
Annex 3 List of Approved Laboratories for PCR sample analysis
Annex 4 FEI Pre-Event Biosecurity Checklist for Official Veterinarians
Annex 5 Horse Arrival Procedure
Annex 6 FEI Equine Health Self-Certification Form & FEI Temperature Monitoring Chart
Annex 7 List of FEI 2021 Events requiring negative EHV-1 PCR Tests
Annex 8 EHV-1 Return To Competition Athlete Information Seminar (IJRC/IDRC), 9 April 2021
Annex 9 FEI post-EHV-1 Return To Competition By-Laws - 9 April 2021
Annex 10 EHV-1 Return to Competition Factsheet for Athletes & Grooms (various languages)
Annex 11 FEI Biosecurity Toolkit for Equine Events (Dr Katie Flynn, California Department of Food & Agriculture)
Annex 12 Master-By-Laws_Measures for Return to Competition in mainland Europe_12  April 2021-updated 21 April 2021
Annex 13 Sample Stable Plan_March 2021
Annex 14 Sample Athlete communique - Negative PCR Test for EHV-1 Required for your Upcoming Event – 26 April 2021
EHV-1 Report, Part 3