Driving Dressage Tests

The FEI Dressage tests for Driving Events have been updated according to the art. 955 of the FEI Driving Rules (2019)

Event Category Test
CAICh                                            Pony Singles                              Test Ch P1                             
Event Category Test
CAIJ                                                    Pony & Horse Singles, Pony Pairs     Test J and YD                               
Young Drivers
Event Category Test

Pony & Horse Singles, Pony Pairs  

Pony & Horse Singles 

Pony Pairs

Test J and YD 

Test 3*A HP1                            

Test 3*A HP2

Event Category Test
CAI1* All Horse/Pony Classes Test 1*A
Test 1*B
CAI2* All Horse/Pony Classes Test 2*A
Test 2*B
Test 2*C
(Test 3* can be driven in CAI2*)
Horse & Pony Singles

Test 3*A HP1

Test 3*B HP1 

Test 3*C HP1

Horse & Pony Pairs Test 3*A HP2
Test 3*B HP2
Test 3*C HP2
Horse & Pony Four-in-Hand Test 3*A HP4
Test 3*B HP4
Horse Four-in-Hand Test 3*C H4
Pony Four-in-Hand Test 3*D P4
Para Driving
CPEAI                                       All Horse & Pony Classes       Test PE A                            
FEI Driving World Championships for Young Horses 
CH-M-A YH                                        Single Horse                                        

Test YH NEW! (updated on 27.09.2019)

Scoring sheet 5 Yo

Scoring sheet 6 & 7 Yo