Driving Dressage Tests


Children, Juniors and U25
Event Category Test
CAICh                                            Pony Singles                             

Test Ch P1 (applicable until 31.12.2022)   

Test Children (applicable from 01.01.2023)                

CAIJ                                                    Pony & Horse Singles, Pony Pairs     Test J and U25       
CAIU25                 Pony & Horse Singles, Pony Pairs  

Test J and U25

Test 3* A HP1 - HP2 (Diagrams and dimensions updated)

Event Category Test
CAI1* All Horse/Pony Classes Test 1*A
Test 1*B

Horse & Pony Single

(From 01.02.2021, Test 3* cannot be driven in CAI2* H1)

Test 2* HP1 - v3 - update on the diagrams 17.12.2021

Test 3* HP1 - v4 - update 02.03.2022 (coefficient only)

Horse & Pony Pair

Horse & Pony Four-in-Hand

(From 01.01.2022, 3* tests cannot be driven in 2* except for Horses Four-in-Hand)


Test 3*A HP4
Test 3*B HP4 - 100x40 m Arena

Test 3*B HP4 - 80x40 m Arena

Test 3*C H4

The above tests are applicable only for Horses Four-in-Hand in CAI2* and CAI3* until 31.12.2022


Test 2* HP2 - HP4 - Applicable from 01.01.2022 for Ponies and Horses - Pair and Four-in-Hand / v3 - Updated 16.02.2022

Test 3* HP2 - HP4  - Applicable from 01.01.2022 for Pair Ponies and Horses and for Ponies Four-In-Hand / from 01.01.2023 for Four-in-Hand Horses / v5 - Updated 22.03.2022



Para Driving
CPEAI                                       All Horse & Pony Classes       Test PE A                            
FEI Driving World Championships for Young Horses 
CH-M-A YH                                        Single Horse                                        

Test YH (updated on 27.09.2019)

Scoring sheet 5 Yo

Scoring sheet 6 & 7 Yo