Dressage - Reports and Forms

FEI Officials Dressage - Reports

Foreign Judge / Technical Delegate ​- NEW - Effective from 01/01/2023
Chief Steward ​- NEW - Effective from 01/01/2023
Foreign Athlete / Groom - NEW - Effective from 01/01/2023
Technical Delegate pre-visit report NEW - Effective from 01/01/2023
Correction Sheet for Judges Supervisory Panel (JSP)
Online Injury Reporting System information can be found here (you will be re-directed)

FEI Officials Dressage - Forms

Dressage Officials Promotion and Course/Seminar Application Form - No longer in use, NFs to sign up their eligible candidates directly in the online course calendar.
Officials' Expense Claim and Reimbursement Form - Download here