Results Forms for Jumping

Results Forms for Jumping

Jumping results can be provided to the FEI by using the specific XML format or Excel format:

1. XMLs can be produced and directly uploaded to the FEI Database or submitted by email to

  • You can find explanations on how to upload XML Jumping Results to the FEI Database here

2. Excel versions of the results can be submitted by email to in the compulsory format available below

1. XML Format

This XML format is more practical as this is a TEXT format and it is very easy for the Organisers' IT partners to work with. This XML Format was made to automate results processing and facilitate data exchange between Organising Committees, National Federations and the FEI.

By using this format (XML results processing), you can submit the XML results files directly to the FEI Database.

You will find the complete documentation listed below by following this link: XML Format for Automated Results Processing.

  • XSD files
  • XSD Documentation
  • XML Examples
  • Guidelines about XML Format for Automated Results Processing
2. Excel Format

If you cannot produce XML files, please fill in the Excel format (version 1.0.14) results file with all the required information.

You can then submit it by email to

Certified IT Providers

The FEI has set up a standard procedure to certify systems and IT Providers dealing with timing, scoring and data handling at FEI Events. 

You can find   the list of FEI Certified Service Providers for Jumping here.

Split of Jumping Time/Obstacle faults in FEI Jumping Competitions (Table A)

To better display penalties for Table A Jumping competitions, in accordance with Art. 236 of the FEI Jumping Rules (“One Penalty for each second commenced”), we will now request that the TIME and OBSTACLE faults are split when Event results are submitted to the FEI.

It will be required to submit for each round, phase or jump-off:

  • the TIME FAULTS where applicable in one column/field
  • the OBSTACLE FAULTS where applicable in one column/field
  • the TOTAL (points) in one column/field

This applies to competitions run under Art. 236 & 237 (Table A). Please refer to the FEI Jumping Rules for further information.

It is already possible to submit Jumping competition results in this way and will become compulsory as of 1 September 2023.

It is important that the correct faults (time and obstacle) are entered for each phase, round or jump-off; and that they are not cumulated or aggregated in the following rounds - the system will not accept results where the total is not correct.