Results Forms for Driving

Results Forms for Driving

There are two ways to upload Driving Results to the FEI:

1. FEI Forms

2. XML Format

Please note the Excel results sheet will not be accepted.

We strongly encourage the use of XML results and we are pleased to provide you with the XSD documentation and XML examples to help put this process in place.

1. FEI Forms

FEI Forms is a online results interface to upload event results:

The aim of FEI Forms is to allow the upload of all Driving Event Results directly on to the FEI Database simplifying the process for all.

This platform can be used in all situations, with or without an internet connection.

All results will need a corresponding accepted entry in the FEI Entry System in order to be valid. 

Results Forms become available once the closing date for substitutions has passed.

The FEI Forms Guidelines will help you use this new results platform.

2. XML Format

This XML format is more practical as this is a TEXT format and it is very easy for the Organisers' IT partners to work with. This XML Format was made to automate results processing and facilitate data exchange between Organising Committees, National Federations and the FEI.

By using this format (XML results processing), you can submit the XML results files directly to the FEI web interface.

You will find the complete documentation listed below by following this link: XML Format for Automated Results Processing.

  • XSD files
  • XSD Documentation
  • XML Examples
  • Guidelines about XML Format for Automated Results Processing

Results Forms for Para Driving

Results in Excel format will be accepted for Para Driving results only.

Please find the Excel sheet here: Results Sheet (Excel format)