Olympic Solidarity

The OLYMPIC SOLIDARITY PROGRAMMES are available to all NFs who are members of their National Olympic Committee (NOC). The Olympic Solidarity is a source of help and encouragement for all sports men and women from beginners to top level. The OS programmes are available to all NFs through their NOC. The principal objective of the Olympic Solidarity Programmes is to encourage the development of sport in countries where opportunities for improvement do not normally exist.

The 2021-2024 OS Programmes that are linked to the FEI Coaching Programme are
1. Technical Courses for Coaches (guidelines)
2. Olympic Scholarships for Coaches (guidelines) 
3. Development of National Sports Structure (guidelines)
4. Olympic Scholarship for Athletes "Paris 2024" guidelines 

NFs interested to apply for an Olympic Scholarships for Athletes “Paris 2024” are kindly requested to contact their NOC (National Olympic Committee). Additional information may also be obtained in contacting the FEI Solidarity Department.

Objectives: To assist elite athletes selected and proposed by their respective National Olympic Committees (NOCs) in their preparation and qualification for the Games of Paris 2024, with a particular focus on athletes and NOCs with the greatest needs.

Description: The Olympic scholarship programme offers NOCs the possibility to obtain financial and technical assistance for a limited number of elite athletes who are training, and attempting to qualify, for the Paris Olympic Games.