The Aim

Since 2012, we have supported more than 470 projects and programmes in all four corners of the globe, using one of our three types of “Assistance” across the four FEI Solidarity pillars. 

In a nutshell, we AIM to:

  • PROMOTE the fundamental principles of equestrian sport.
  • ASSIST National Federations in the preparation of their Athletes and Teams for international-level competitions.
  • DEVELOP the technical sports knowledge and the technical level of Athletes and Coaches in cooperation with NFs.
  • TRAIN sports administrators.
  • COLLABORATE with related organisations and entities.
  • CREATE simple, functional and economical equestrian sports facilities in cooperation with national or international bodies.
  • SUPPORT the organisation of competitions at national, regional and continental level under the authority or patronage of the National Federations and to assist the NFs in the organisation, preparation and participation of their delegations in regional and continental Games.
  • ENCOURAGE joint bilateral or multilateral cooperation programmes among NFs.
  • LOBBY governments and international organisations to include equestrian sport in official development assistance.

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