Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for FEI Solidarity Assistance?

Only National Federations that are affiliated Members of the FEI and Equestrian Continental Associations approved by the FEI can request assistance form FEI Solidarity.

Equestrian Federations or Associations not affiliated to the FEI are NOT eligible to apply.

How can I extend a one-time project? 

NFs wishing to extend a one-time project by 1 or 2 years have to send a new application to FEI Solidarity by 1 July for the next year. Therefore, an interim evaluation of the project must be done. NFs are then requested to fill in an “Evaluation Form” and attach it to the new Application. 

How are the costs broken down when it comes to technical assistance and consultancy services? 

Technical assistance and Consultancy services, FEI Solidarity will cover the travel expenses and per diem of the FEI Expert / Consultant. The NF will cover the accommodation and meals during his/her sojourn.

What is an ESEE? 

The Equestrian Sport Educative Event is a tool made to help NFs to identify, educate and certify national Officials (Judges & CDs) to ultimately develop their own education and certification structure. The ESEE takes the form of a 4 days workshop delivered by two Technical Experts with theoretical and practical sessions for National Officials (Judges & Course Designers) involving Coaches and their pupils. During the fourth day, all actors play their role in a competition situation, it is the assessment of the Officials’ capacity to judge/build courses. The ESEEs are divided into 3 progressive technical modules. Certificate of Achievement/Competence are given only after completion of a given number of ESEEs and which are linked to the national Education and Certification system. The Certification level which should be given to participants after 2 ESEEs is equal to "Candidate National Judge" and after the 3rd ESEE is equal to "National Judge".