How to Apply
The Application Process - step by step 


Review the FEI Solidarity Programme Catalogue and the General Guidelines for FEI Solidarity


Ensure your project meets the criteria


Requests must be submitted by a National Federation


Requests can also be submitted by Equestrian Continental Associations and FEI Regional Groups


Requests must have a specific and achievable objective


Requests must have measurable results


Requests must ensure a national legacy


Requests must be in line with the FEI Solidarity 4 pillar structure (Matrix)


National Federations, Regional Groups and Equestrian Continental Associations can have maximum 3 FEI Solidarity Projects running at the same time


Application submission (deadline 1 July to receive applications for the next year - except projects open for application throughout the year: ex. Biosecurity EP, NF IT Platform, etc.).


The FEI Solidarity Committee review all applications in July/August and all Applicants are then notified by the FEI in September indicating the amount of funding or nature of technical assistance they will receive.

The Key dates

1 July // Application
Deadline to send Application Forms for the following year

Download an application form here.

September // Notification
FEI Solidarity to notify relevant parties.

31 December // Evaluation 
Deadline for FEI Solidarity to receive projects’ reports 
Download an evaluation form here.

If your Application is successful, you will commit to:
1. Completing an Evaluation Form

FEI Solidarity must receive at the end of each year an activity report and financial statement (Evaluation Form). Only NFs that submit their financial report within the deadline will be considered for future financial assistance. FEI Solidarity has the right to follow up the project and to request report(s) and/or to request supporting documents, such as proof of payment made by the NF to relevant beneficiary(ies). Note if an NF is unable to carry out a project for which it has received assistance, it must inform FEI Solidarity immediately.
One-time projects (duration 1 year):  At the end of the project, the NF must provide  FEI Solidarity with an activity report and financial statement. You can download the Evaluation Form here.
Short-term and long-term projects (duration 2-4 years): At the end of each year, the NF (or continental association) must provide The FEI Solidarity with an activity report and financial statement. You can download the Evaluation Form here. Only NFs that submit their financial report within the deadline will be considered for future financial assistance.

2.  Signing a “Letter of Agreement” in order to release the funding

Financing procedure for projects: Definition of a year of activity: 1 January – 31 December. The first payment will take place upon receipt of a signed “Letter of Agreement” between the NF and the FEI. For short and long-term projects (2-4 years), the following payments will take place upon receipt year 1 activity and financial reports by 31 December (see the Evaluation Form) and so forth for year 3 and 4 payments, if relevant.