National Federation

The Aim: To help National Federations improve their administrative structure through education, IT solutions, as well as to offer them advice and consultancy on any aspects of equestrian sport through different types of support and assistance including: 


Beneficiaries: NFs Equestrian Community, NFs Technical & Administration Staff
Projects Operators: FEI Development Officer, FEI IT Department, NF Technical and Administration Staff

1. National Development Plan (NDP) // Consultancy services

To establish with the NF Management Board a coherent and realistic mid- to long-term National Development Plan (strategic) based on an evaluation of the NF situation.

2. Education of NFs Administrators // Financial & Technical assistance (workshops)

To help NFs improve the various aspects of Sport governance and management to run the sport on a modern and efficient way. (In preparation).

3.  IT NF Platform // Consultancy services & Technical assistance (workshops)

To provide NFs with IT solutions for online services (online registrations, memberships, national calendar, results, etc.) Open source application, with basic modules customizable by each NF. This will allow NFs that may have local IT resources to implement customized solutions at a lower cost. Each NF or any other IT partner can contribute to the project by providing its own developments. 


Beneficiaries: National Officials, Coaches, Athletes, Event Organisers
Projects Operators: NFs, FEI Development Officer, Technical Experts

4. Development of national education & certification systems (Officials & Coaches) // Consultancy services

To help NFs develop national education & certification systems with proper course material for national officials and coaches.

5. Development of national FEI disciplines structures (national Officials for competitions) // Financial assistance & Technical Expert(s) appointed by FEI

Equestrian Sport Educative Events (ESEE) to help NFs identify and educate national Officials to ultimately develop a national structure of competitions. Three-day event theory/practice and one-day officiating in competition situation. The ESEE includes national Officials, Coaches and their pupils, Event Organisers. More on ESEE here.

6. Development of Pony Club structures // Financial assistance & Technical Expert(s) appointed by FEI

To help NFs develop a Pony Club structure to the benefit of Youth, including basic horsemanship, the fundamentals of riding and competitions (Pony Games, Equifun, etc.)

7. Consultancy services on equestrian infrastructures // Consultancy services

To advise and provide NFs with technical specifications on equestrian infrastructures such as riding schools, show arenas, footing, etc.