The Aim: To assist Athletes in their long-term development, i.e. identification, qualification and finally preparation for Regional/Continental Championships & Games through different types of support and assistance including:

Projects Operators: FEI Development Officer, Technical Experts, Level 3 Coach, Training Centres/Stables, etc.

1. Training of National Teams & Individual Athletes // Financial assistance

To assist NFs to specifically prepare a Team & Individual Athletes with a national coach (Level 3) for Regional/Continental Championships & Games (technical Level 1* to 2**/Dressage PSG).

2. Training camps for Individual Athletes, Adults & Youth // Financial assistance

To assist NFs identify and qualify Individual Athletes in the framework of a long-term athletes development plan (L3 Coach).

3. Scholarships for Athletes Beneficiaries Selected Athletes from all FEI Disciplines // Financial assistance

Ongoing training for individual Athletes the most in need to prepare at private stables, at home or in Training Centres in the best conditions, participation at Regional/Continental Championships & Games (technical level 1* to 2**/Dressage PSG). Criteria: 
•  Age: 16 yrs for all FEI Disciplines and 14 yrs for Vaulting 
•  Objective: clear objectives, activity plan and schedule 
•  Duration: support of maximum 2 years