FEI Eventing World Challenge

The aim of the FEI World Challenge series is to offer athletes who, under normal circumstances, cannot take part in international competitions due to various factors (travel cost and distances for example), the opportunity to compete internationally without having to leave their own country. These "hybrid" competitions are meant as a bridge between the National and first International  level of competition and are meant to help NFs develop the various disciplines in their country. FEI World Challenges exist in Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, DrivingVaulting, Driving and Para Dressage.

The FEI Eventing World Challenge is based on ONE DAY Event format and is available in the following three Categories:

  • Category A : 1x Dressage Test + 1x Jumping Course (1m maximum height) followed by a Cross Country Course (95cm-1m maximum height)
  • Category B : 1x Dressage Test + 1x Jumping Course (90cm maximum height) followed by a Cross Country Course (90cm maximum height)
  • Category C:  1x Dressage Test + 1x “Derby” course with Jumping  & Cross Country Fences (80cm maximum height)

Age of Athletes is of 12 years old and above for Categories B & C, and 14 years old and above for Category A.

The FEI Eventing World Challenge offers an Individual classification per Category (National and World rankings) and a Team classification.
In All Fairness:
The riders of the FEI Eventing World Challenge are competing over the same Jumping courses in Categories A & B using the same arena size (65 x 45 m) and over the same specific technical requirements (fence order, profile and height, course speed, etc.) in Cross Country and in the Derby of Category C.
Development of the Sport
The FEI Eventing World Challenge also serves as an educational purpose for all actors involved in the development of the discipline (Officials, Coaches, Organisers) providing experience through competition opportunity. For coaches the technical aspects of the courses are in correlation with the Levels 1 and 2 of the FEI Coach Education System. The format of the competitions has been developed to offer athletes a progression from an Introduction level to the discipline of Eventing (Category C) with a focus on enjoyement and safety to the level just below CCI1* (Category A).
The FEI Eventing World Challenge is held between the 1 January and the 31 December.