Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a rider under the age of 12 compete in the FEI Dressage Challenge?

The Challenge is open to all competitors from the 1st January of the year in which they reach their 12th birthday. So yes, technically an 11 year old rider could ride, so long as they turn 12 in the same year. But they can only compete in the Youth Class, they must wait until the 1st January of the year in which they reach their 16th birthday to compete in the higher level tests.

2. Can a horse be ridden twice in the FEI Dressage Challenge?

Yes, a horse may be ridden twice but it is only recommended in the lower level classes. And it is strongly recommended that any horses being ridden twice have a good break between their tests (please refer to the Guidelines for the OC). Also, if it is with the same rider the tests must be in progression (i.e. Senior I & Senior II or Senior II & PSG). For all starting possibilities, please refer to the WDC rules art. 2.12.

3. Can a horse and or rider that has been selected for the Team ride two tests?

Yes, but there team performance must be their first performance. This means that if a rider has been selected to represent the team in the Senior I Class, but they are also riding in the Senior II Class, they must ride the Senior I Test first. This applies for all horses, riders and horse/rider combinations

4. Can a rider compete in the FEI Dressage Challenge in another country to his/her home country?

Yes they can! But written permission must be sought from their own NF and the hosting NF prior to the competition (a copy of which must be submitted to the FEI with the Challenge Results. Also, they cannot be part of the Team, for their home country or for the host country.

5. Can a horse/rider compete in more than one Challenge?

If a horse/rider is lucky enough to be able to compete in more than one Challenge this is allowed. However, please be aware that it is only their first performance (i.e the first Challenge in which they compete) that can count for classification or qualification purposes.

6. Can an additional competition be organised at the same time as the Challenge?

Since the format of the Challenge changed (in 2008) the option of an additional class counting towards the Challenge is no longer available. However it is possible to organise another competition on the same date but the FEI Challenge must take precedence over any other competitions and should be organised and funded entirely by the NF.

For any further questions, please contact Andreina Wipraechtiger.