Department updates in Main Eventing

  • 16 Mar 2021

    The Report and Annexes of the Online Eventing Risk Management and NSO Seminar, 23 – 24 January 2021 have been published on the FEI website.
    The sessions are also available to watch on "replay".

  • 15 Feb 2021
    FEI 2021 Rules Explainer Videos now available on FEI Campus

    The FEI Education & Officials Department have recently published explainer videos for the major FEI Eventing Rules Changes 2021.

    These videos are mainly aimed at Officials and Athletes who are required to be up-to-date with the different rules. For the wider audience these videos will serve a rather informative purpose, providing a deeper understanding of our sport. The goal of these short videos is to highlight the most impactful rule changes and their rationale in each discipline, as well as more general regulations including the Equine Anti-Doping Controlled Medication Regulations and the Anti-Doping Rules for Human Athletes which underwent a full review in 2020.

    You can access all the videos on FEI Campus by clicking on the relevant discipline pages as well as the Veterinary hub. Here are the direct links to:

  • 21 Jan 2021
    Eventing Risk Management Programme - Eventing Statistics Report 2009-2020

    The Eventing Statistics Report 2009 – 2020 has been finalised. 

    It is published on the FEI website under Eventing / Risk Management:

  • 20 Jan 2021
    Updated FAQ-tack & Equipment and Cross Country guide for Officials

    The FAQ-Tack & Equipment as well as the Cross Country guide for Officials have been updated. They are available on the FEI webiste page

  • 19 Jan 2021
    Eventing Risk Management Programme - FEI approved Frangible Devices

    As per the 2021 Eventing Rules, Article 547.2.4, the compulsory use of frangible devices on certain type of fences has been extended to all levels as from 1st January 2021.
    The following MIM kits have been approved and added to the FEI register of products having met the Updated Standard for frangible/deformable cross country fences  to be used as from 1st January 2021.
    FEI09SWE - Oxer   kit - 80329
    FEI10SWE - Post   & Rail Kit – 80321
    FEI11SWE - Post   & Rail Adjustable Kit – 80325
    FEI12SWE - Post   & Rail Narrow Kit – 80322
    FEI13SWE - Wall   Kit – 80324
    FEI14SWE - Table   Kit- 80320
    FEI15SWE - Corner   Kit – 80326
    The MIM FAQs (with a list of Frangible Device Advisors) has also been updated and new videos insturctions are available.
    All information is available on our website 

  • 16 Jan 2021

    The Online Risk Management and NSO Seminar, 23-24 January 2021 will be live web-streamed.

    The links for Saturday and Sunday are available on our website

  • 8 Jan 2021
    EVENTING - Athlete Categorisation update

    The Eventing Categorisation of Athletes has been updated on 8 January 2021 and takes into account MERs obtained between 1 July 2012 and 31 December 2020.

    The lists of categorised Athletes are available on the following webpage.

  • 8 Jan 2021
    EVENTING - 2020 World Eventing Athlete Rankings and Zone Rankings

    Final FEI World Eventing Athlete Rankings 2020 - Final Rankings

    1. Oliver Townend (GBR)
    2. Tim Price (NZL)
    3. Piggy March (GBR)
    4. Christopher Burton (AUS)
    5. Tom McEwen (GBR)

    The Eventing Zone Rankings have been updated and are available on the following webpage, click here.

    2020 Leaders of the Eventing Zone Rankings:

    North Western Europe: Oliver Townend (GBR)

    South Western Europe: Felix Vogg (SUI)

    Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia: Aleksandr Markov (RUS)

    North America: Boyd Martin (USA)

    Central and South America: Carlos Lobos Muñoz (CHI)

    Africa and Middle East: Usman Khan (PAK)

    South East Asia and Oceania: Tim Price (NZL)

    Note: Eventing Zone Rankings are processed once a year and take into account results obtained between 1 January and 31 December 2020

  • 6 Oct 2020
    Eventing Education - Announcement

    Anne-Mette Binder (DEN) has been appointed as FEI Course Director General (CDG) for Eventing, as of 1 October 2020.

    She will act as an Advisor in all matters concerning the education of FEI Eventing Officials (Judges, Technical Delegates, Course Designers and Stewards). Her assignment is for a four-year period. The FEI Eventing Dpt and Committee thank her very much in advance for having accepted this mission, as we are at a crucial moment of the Eventing Officials Education, with the upcoming new level structure. This review of the Education system  will include the split between Ground Jury member and President functions, and the format of the in-person courses. C-19 situation has highlighted the necessity of developing expanded and enhanced online education courses and tools. Anne-Mette’s extensive knowledge of the sport, her recognised experience as a top FEI Eventing Judge, as well as her background in Education in general will be of great benefit to all.

  • 7 Apr 2020
    Updated Standard for frangible/deformable cross country fences – Version 2

    After six months of extensive work initiated by the Eventing Frangible Device Working Group (Dave Vos, Geoff Sinclair, Mark Phillips and Jonathan Clissold) in association with Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), the Updated Standard V2 for frangible/deformable cross country fences is now finalised and published. 
    The Updated Standard V2 has been endorsed by the Eventing Committee as well as the Risk Management Steering Group and is now to be implemented progressively as from the date of this publication.
    The full communication, the Updated Standard V2 and the kettlebell pendulum test can be found here.

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