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  • 26 Sep 2022
    FEI Endurance World Championship 2022 // FEI Series 2023-2024 Bid Process opens

    FEI Endurance World Championship 2022 – Re-opened Bid
    See below a clarification to one of the bid criteria that was included in the FEI Update on 12 September 2022. Please kindly note that there was a typo in the original bid criteria where it was stated that the OC must have previously organised a CEI3* or a CEI2* 140. That criteria should have been written as follows:

    • The potential Organiser (OC)/proposed venue must have successfully hosted a CEI3* or a CEI2* in the past 12 months.
      • The CEI3* or the CEI2* must have been organised over 1 day.

    NFs are kindly requested to inform their Endurance Organisers accordingly. As mentioned in the FEI Update of 12 September 2022, bids should be sent to no later than Monday, 10 October 2022.

    FEI Series 2023-2024 bid process opens
    The FEI is pleased to announce that the bid process for the 2023/2024 season of the FEI series listed below will open on Tuesday, 27 September 2022.

    All interested organisers and/or National Federations (Applicants) are invited to submit their applications via the FEI Bidding Platform, using the application form available in the platform for that purpose, until Friday, 21 October 2022.

    The FEI series opened for applications are the following:

    • FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ Youth
    • FEI Jumping Ponies’ Trophy
    • FEI Dressage World Cup™ (WEL)
    • FEI Eventing Nations Cup™
    • FEI Driving World Cup™

    Please find here below an overview of the relevant dates concerning the present bid process.

    We kindly ask all National Federations to share this information with the organisers. Should you have any questions, please contact

  • 23 Sep 2022
    Eventing Education System - free webinars

    Further to the publication of the new FEI Eventing Education System last August,  two free-access webinars on 12 October 2022 are organised to explain the new system, how it works during the transition phase, and clarify Officials' and Organisers' related queries.

    The first webinar is at 08h30 and the second one at 14h00 CEST. Kindly register by October 6th to  – and provide your questions ahead, if any, so a Q&A can be prepared. Do not forget to specify at what time you want to join: 08h30 OR 14h00 CEST, so the correct link can be emailed to you.

  • 26 Aug 2022
    Eventing Education System

    In line with the FEI Officials’ Recommendations, please be informed that the FEI Eventing Education System has been fully revised by the FEI Eventing Department, the Eventing Officials Education Working Group, the FEI Education and Officials Department and the FEI Eventing Technical Committee, and will be implemented on 1 January 2023.

    Alongside the FEI Eventing Education System, the related career pathways, job descriptions and transition document will also be published, with the latter describing the main changes in the new system and immediate consequences for existing Eventing Officials.

    Finally, to provide support to, and answer questions from all Eventing stakeholders, two free-access webinars will be organised on 12 October 2022. The first one at 08h30 and the second one at 14h00 CEST. Practical details for these webinars will be communicated in due time.

    Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the FEI Eventing Department at

  • 22 Aug 2022
    FEI Doping & Medication Control Guide for the FEI World Championships 2022

    With the FEI Eventing and Driving World Championships 2022 ahead of us, we have recently published the FEI Doping & Medication Control Guide for the FEI World Championships 2022 to provide all concerned stakeholders with an overview of all the doping and medication control systems and processes in place for both Equine and Human Athletes.

    To ensure we reach our target audience, we have sent targeted emailers to the Athletes on the Eventing Nominated Entries list for Pratoni del Vivaro 2022 (see attached emailer) and will replicate this when we have the Driving Nominated Entries for Pratoni del Vivaro.

    As you can see in the attached, we have encouraged all nominated Athletes to familiarise themselves with the Guide and the Rules and Regulations in place, as well as ensuring their support personnel/teams are also fully up to date.

    We also encourage all concerned National Federations to share this Guide with their teams attending/preparing for the World Championships such as Chefs d’équipe, Chefs de Mission, etc to ensure everyone has an accurate understanding of the Rules at play and avoid any anti-doping rule violations.

    The Guide is available in 7 languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish) and we are available for any questions you may have.

  • 28 Jul 2022
    2023 FEI Hybrid Eventing Forum and NSO Seminar

    The Eventing Forum and NSO Seminar will be organised from Friday 20 to Sunday 22 January 2023.

    The location is to be confirmed as soon as possible. Please see the pre-notice invitation published on the following webpage.

  • 4 Jul 2022
    EVENTING - Athlete Categorisation update

    The Eventing Categorisation of Athletes has been updated on 01 July 2022 and takes into account MERs obtained between 1 January 2014  and 30 June 2022.

    The lists of categorised Athletes are available on the following webpage.

  • 30 Jun 2022

    We hereby inform you that Mike Etherington-Smith has decided to step down as Course Designer Member of the RMSG. He has been replaced by Stuart Buntine.

    The RMSG Terms of Reference and the list of Members can be viewed on the website under Eventing / Risk Management / RMSG

  • 2 Jun 2022
    2022 Eventing Reports

    The following reports have been updated:

    - Fence Description Form (and Instructions for filling in Fence Description Form):

    An additional column “narrow fence (under 2 m between the flags)” has been added to improve the fence type data analysis

    - Fall Report Form:

     Several fields have been removed as these were hardly ever used for data analysis

    - Fence Diagrams:

     A clarification has been included regarding House type fences to be classified as “D3”

    The updated forms can be found on the FEI website.


  • 31 May 2022
    Eventing Risk Management Programme - FEI approved Frangible Devices

    The following MIM instruction manuals have been updated on the FEI website:

    • Post & Rail Kit – 80321
    • Post & Rail Narrow Kit – 80322
    • Wall Kit – 80324
    • Corner Kit – 80326

    In addition, the Frangible Device Chart providing specifications for each device has also been updated.

    All information relating to Frangible Devices is available on the FEI website

  • 6 Apr 2022
    Eventing Risk Management Programme - FEI approved Frangible Devices

    The use of 8mm pre-fabricated Dyneema ropes has been approved for use with the British Eventing Reverse Frangible Pin for rails up to 90 kg.
    The updated instruction manual has been published on the frangible devices page of the FEI website

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