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Eventing Downloads

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Competition Schedule

2017 Eventing Draft Schedule (December 2016)

2017 Arena Cross Country Draft Schedule (November 2016)


2017 Report of the Technical Delegate, Chief Steward and Rider's Representative

Fall Form 2017 - (March 2017)

General Instructions for collecting statistics on Falls (December 2015) 

Fence Description Form 2016 - (December 2015)

Fences Types (January 2010) 

Instructions for filling in Fence Description Form (March 2015)


Compensation of Technical Delegates 3*,4* & CH

Compensation form 3*/4* (April 2010) 
2017 Additional Forms for Organisers

Cross Country Control Center Guidelines  (September 2016)

Fence Judges Briefing  (September 2016)

Stable Security /Stewarding at FEI Events (December 2016)

Media operations at FEI Events (December 2016)


FEI Medical Information form for Armbands (December 2014)

Sustainability Handbook for Event Organisers NEW

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